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by on June 18, 2011

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Drive Angry Movie Review

Bruce here…  after finally watching this fine* movie, I felt like I had to share my fun* of the event with this movie review!  Please note that [words*] denoted such are leaning to the right due to the heavy influx of sarcastic attached to them!

Drive Angry stars Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner in a movie directed by Patrick Lussier, who also wrote and edited the “film.”  It’s distributed by Summit Entertainment.

Drive Angry is about a father named Milton (Cage) in pursuit of the man who killed his daughter and took her baby.  Along the way he picks up a wayward and highly spirited girl named Piper (Heard).  On top of that, Milton seems to be followed by an oddly supernatural powered individual who calls himself ‘The Accountant’, played by Fichtner.

Here’s what I found to be the good things about the movie:  The cast of Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner and David Morse.  I like the cast, even if they couldn’t save the script.

'Drive Angry' 1969 Dodge Charger

Other good things include that fact that they had my No. 1 favorite car of all time, a 1969 Dodge Charger, black.  But then they ticked me off when they shot the car up.  Arg.

First up, they don’t take very long getting to the peppered f-bombs through out.  When a movie drops that many word bombs, it feels like an over-compensation and my first warning.

Then there’s more T&A than needed throughout.  Unnecessary really.  It feels like filler for what could have be real dialog.

Some of the fight scenes are filmed in a weird fashion to, I guess, accent the 3D filming.  Plus there’s the requisite camera gimmicks to accent the premise of the 3D version.

There are some oddly unexplained things that sooner or later makes sense… I guess.  There’s not that much to the script.  Despite the cast.

And in the first and third acts, there’s gore galore.  Plus it seemed that they were trying to entice us with mystery through the first and second acts that served to create a fragmented feel to the movie.  With everything under our belt, the third act flowed a bit better now that we knew all the details on the players and such.

William Fichtner in 'Drive Angry'

Oddly, I found humor in the film despite its intent.  For me, I think that Fichtner stole the show with his overtly polite character portrayal of The Accountant.  But to be honest, it could be the fact that I truly enjoy his roles and how he brings them to the screen.

My co-reviewer said this movie makes Syfy movies look great.  I have to admit that it was a bit disheartening at first but some things were do bad I started laughing and then took a less serious approach to watching the movie.

I’m glad I didn’t drop money on this in the movie theater.  And from what I can see, very few did.  The estimated budget for the movie was $50M and so far, to date, it’s pulled in $18M worldwide.  Ouch.

Review Score

Amber Heard meets Nicolas Cage in 'Drive Angry'

Movie Review Popcorn Score 04Oddly, I can’t help but to be a bit generous with my movie review score of Drive Angry and if I were to rate this movie, I’d give it a 4 on my popcorn scale…  Or it might take about 3 beers to really enjoy the movie!

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