Droid X Battery Draining App Heads Up [Consumer]

by on November 17, 2011

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Consumer news, Consumer alerts and a Consumer's opinionAs a newish smartphone owner, I’ve been tinkering with apps. I tread a bit carefully. I’ve hit up the Droid Market and tend to veer away from apps where there are questionable reviews. Sure, some reviews are not written by rocket scientists, but rather, seemingly angry biker gang dudes. But if you see enough questionable statements about an app, well, I tend to steer clear. But there have been some apps that I’ve tried. Some are good, some not so good. And on occasion, there are some losers. I had an EA Sports app that sort of looked cool, but in the end, really sucked crap and it had no support. But that’s moot.

After all the apps I’ve tinkered with, I’ve got some solid ones and weeded out the fodder. But recently I installed a few apps from who I consider to be a reputable source… Amazon!

My experience has been that over the last couple of months, I thought my battery was starting to tank awful fast over the period of a day, despite only having had it for less than two years.

Motorala DROID X Smartphone

It’s amazing how, the more apps you add to your smartphone, the less stable it becomes. So too, does the survivability of one’s battery it seems. About a month or so ago, I had added a few Amazon apps to my phone. I was thinking about having direct access to the website, via my phone. A little while after that, I started noting how fast my battery on my phone was being used up.

I mean, the battery would die really fast. EVEN WHEN I WASN’T USING IT!

There were a few days, I’d unplug from the charger, never touch the phone and by the time I got home from work, the battery was at 10%. FYI: My location modes are all off, meaning I don’t use the GPS or Networking modes. They’re off 90% of the time unless I need them.

I started actively killing processes to see what I could do to stave off the battery drain, but it wasn’t helping much. Then I started noticing update reminders from Amazon in my notice bar. Update reminders that were pretty aggressive. No matter how many times I removed the notice, it would pop back up within the 1/2 hour or so. I thought it was odd that when you quiet a notification, how fast this one would come back.

My Fix?

I did apply the updates but it didn’t help. So I did the next thing that came to mind and that was to uninstall the Amazon apps and you’ll never guess what? My battery is acting like it’s brand new again, only using 30% of it’s power in a full 18 hour day.

Not sure why the Amazon apps were so hard on my battery, but a hearty BOO goes out to Amazon for their battery draining apps.

So if you start having weird battery behavior, there are many options available to you if things don’t seem quite right, and the options don’t involve spending money on a battery. At least in my case, that was the resolution. I didn’t go and buy a battery to find out it wasn’t the battery.


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