During Sandy, It’s Still All About The TV Ratings

by on October 31, 2012

in Entertainment

Brusimm.com: Entertainment news and opinionWhile Sandy approached the New England coast, various businesses were shuttering doors and evacuating. Some TV shows that use live audiences went on, but without the audience. Other show productions were shut down. It’s inevitable and the smart thing to do. (And how weird was it that the new upcoming movie Noah, from Darren Aronofsky) with a life-sized ark, got pummeled by this storm?)

But what got my attention was what was happening for the most impacted night of the week, Monday.

While millions of folks were evacuating and millions more went without power, CBS and it’s affiliate, The CW, pushed new programming back a week and went with reruns instead.

NBC and other nets went ahead with their scheduled programming.

Which I can only surmise, is related to TV ratings and trying to capture those critical numbers in a busy TV viewing market of New England.

Now as the storm came and went, Tuesday will be seeing NBC doing storm coverage, after the fact. This will be preempting a few shows for the coverage.

But the bottom line, and in the business minded sense, the TV consumer is important to the client, the networks, and television programming was adjusted accordingly. So CBS took the safe route and avoided losing key viewing numbers for a week, and NBC showed compassion with coverage the next night.

Though it might all be for naught, since there’s still some 5+ million TV consumers out there without power!

Just a thought/observation/opinion from Brusimm.com.

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