DVD Review: Zorro The Complete Series (1990 TV Series)

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This is a DVD review of Zorro The Complete Series is a 15-DVD set of the 1990 TV series. It was released by A&E Home Video. They were gracious enough to provide a copy of the DVD collection to Cinema Static on Brusimm sometime back and I finally found the time to spend some quality time with the package and spent an evening checking it out.

Zorro the complete seriesThe series stars Duncan Regehr as Don Deigo/Zorro, Patrice Martinez, James Victor and a few others throughout the entire run of Zorro. In the first season, the foil for Zorro is played by Michael Tylo, and Don Diego’s father was played by Efrem Zimbalist Jr..

In this first episode, it would seem that Seniorita Escalante is set up for murder, to lure in Zorro into a trap.

In the 2nd episode Zorro protects his father from a scheming woman and her lover!

The 3rd, he protects the water rights of the people from the ever-always scheming Alcalde Ramone.

It’s the 9th episode of the the first season (disc 2), titled “The Legend Begins: Part 1,” that we are to learn of he chose to become Zorro. He is shot and falls into a canyon. While laying here wounded, he reminisces on his origin as a flashback.

It’s a four-part tale as each part focuses on one aspect or another of his own origin. BTW: Did you know that Zorro is Spanish for cunning fox?

And so forth.

I sampled quite a few episodes throughout the four seasons and it wasn’t bad at all. It was a great flashback to the simpler days of 90’s TV with this A&E Home Video.


Bonus Features

The bonus disc includes some neat things. It has the 1920’s movie, The Mark of Zorro with Douglas Fairbanks, directed by Fred Niblo. It’s an awesome silent feature where the white letters on black background describes what’s going on in the movie.

They then have the 1939 movie, Zorro’s Fighting Legion starring Reed Hadley. This is a black and white talkie!

There’s then the alternate pilot for the series with Patrick James and Patrice Martinez.

There are also some movie trailers for the older projects. It’s a pretty small but neat collective.

– – –

Cinema Static - TV News, Movie News and other Entertainment OpinionAs far as I’m concerned, Zorro is the first Dark Knight aka Batman, with only his sword, whip and wits. Zorro was one of my first large format comic books I ever read.

Interesting tidbits:

The primary director of the series was Ray Austin, who had cut his teeth on quite the list of shows. Various series he worked on prior to this series was 50 episodes of The Avengers, then guest directorial stints on The Saint, Space: 1999, The New Avengers, Vega$, Hart to Hart, Magnum P.I..

After Zorro, he again went back to guest directing for a few episodes of Highlander & JAG.

Johnston McCulley was the creator of the character Zorro and is credited for writing 87 of the episodes for the series. He had the character of Zorro first serialized in 1919. He also created Black Star.

One of the series producers went on to make a name for himself. After this series producer Gary M. Goodman went on the produce the the 1992 TV series Highlander and the 2005 series, Wildfire.

Right now, he’s noted as the EVP of TV production for Lionsgate.

You’ll never guess who also guested as script writers! Bruce Lansbury (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Knight Rider, Murder, She Wrote) and Tim Minear. Joss Whedon fans will recognize that name.

Tim’s resume is impressive. After Zorro, he went on to work on series such as Lois & Clark, The X-Files, Angel, Firefly, K-Ville, Dollhouse, & The Chicago Code.

He’s working on an interesting series wright now, called Awake.

Guest cast that appeared in the 4 seasons of Zorro more than once include Jesse Ventura, James Faulkner, Roddy Piper, & Daniel Craig (Yes, the James Bond Craig!) He showed up in season 4, ep 10 & 11.

I also caught Adam West in the season 2 opener playing a Dr. Henry Wayne. It was good to see West in a serious sort of role. Zorro even shows him his “secret cave” and that makes Dr. Wayne all beside himself with joy.

Since Zorro, Duncan Regehr has crossed through shows such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and landed a regular role in the 1997 TV series Fast Track.

Efrem Zimbalist Jr. moved on from Zorro and was replaced by Henry Darrow at season 2 and landed a regular role in The Legend of Prince Valiant (1991). After that, he landed series of voice work in animated series like Batman (1992), Iron Man (1995), Spider-Man (1995), The New Batman Adventures (1997), Superman (1997), & Justice League (2003).


All in all, I had found the Zorro: The Complete Series DVD collections a rather enjoyable experience and was a great way to pass a weekend.


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