E.-coli On Your Shopping Cart??? [Consumer]

by on March 8, 2011

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Clorox funded a study at the University of Arizona to look out for germs on shopping cart handles and wow, did they come up with something a bit gross.

They examined 85 shopping carts and discovered that 72% of the carts tested positive for fecal bacteria, that which can create E.-coli. They noted that this percentage of germs found is higher than what you’d find in a restroom because at least in the restroom, they clean them and use disinfectants.

Suddenly those clean wipes outside stores (like here outside Safeway) make more sense.

But my only question sheds light on the probability of catching these germs off of cart handles. I’ve been shopping almost every weekend for … well, a long time now and as far as I can tell, I haven’t contracted anything from a shopping cart handle. Then again, I’m always wiping my hands off on my jeans, so I might have a preventative process in place already. (It’s almost an OCD wiping of the hands off after touching things.)

Though this 72% number seems pretty freaky, since we haven’t seen a public outbreak from contracting anything from shopping carts, I’m not too worried, but I do believe I might start wiping things down before using them! Ick!

[MSNBC] There is some sound perspectives over in an article on the issue at GOOD.

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