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by on April 23, 2013

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'Iron Man 3' movie still

U.S. press are embargoed from reporting their Iron Man 3 movie reviews until after April 29th. (Many will see it this week.) The International press, not so much! With that said, ComicBook.com did some footwork with Google Interpret and built a bit of a collective of reviews.

We see the movie getting 4/5 stars in many instances, with it being referred to as smart & funny. Or even referred to as the best of the Iron Man saga. (I’m sort of expecting that.)

Iron Man 3 was referred to as a great start to Marvel’s Phase 2 and as I mentioned in an earlier article, they compared Kingsley to Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight. Though I only see one reference of such.

But of course, there’s the dour folks too.

Ben Kingsley delivers superb performance in 'Iron Man 3' as the Mandarin

One reviewer left the theater underwhelmed. (Probably because they saw about 30 different movie trailers before seeing it!) Though in the end, they still recommended it.

Another said there was a bit too much with the comedic angle and one other called it a disappointment after The Avengers. (Duh!)

Here’s my outsider take, looking in:

First, I don’t know the critics, so I have to trust blindly. But aside from that..

Too much comedy: That’s the snarky Tony Stark for you.

I’m not sure about underwhelmed movie reviewers, unless they went in there with huge expectations or they’re not a reviewer who gets genre movies.

And as far as Iron Man 3 feeling like a disappointment after The Avengers, dudes, everything after The Avengers is going to feel that way!

So that’s the early buzz for Iron Man 3 reviews.

UPDATE 4-24-13: Rotten Tomatoes has it at 95%.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s all good stuff. Yes, I am going in with some expectations, but they’re tempered enough and I tend to be rather forgiving of some issues. Unless they’re just too blatant.

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If you want to see the words connected to the various sites overseas, check out ComicBook.com’s article! (It’s a non-spoiler piece.)

{Still no update on the shut down of Iron Man 3 advanced ticket sales by big name movie theater chains.}

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