Elementary Series Premiere – A Review of Sorts

by on September 27, 2012

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Elementary series premiere review

The Elementary season premiere seems interesting, to say the least. Elementary plays on the franchise of Sherlock Holmes, and though “In CBS I Trust,” I can’t help but wonder if this is a replacement hopeful forthe sarcastic and blunt Dr. Gregory House?

Jonny Lee Miller is Sherlock Holmes, Lucy Liu plays Dr. Watson and Aidan Quinn plays Captain Tobias Gregson of the NYPD.

Holmes is getting out of a rehab center and his father has assigned a keeper to him to six weeks to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t relapse. Once out, he’s asked to consult on a case by Captrain Gregson. (They’ve worked together before)

Throughout the episode, Holmes does what Holmes does, and that’s see things others don’t and solves the mystery of a case with crack observations.

Throughout the season premiere, Holmes is quirky, blunt and mostly insightful, with the occasional bit of help from Google. But he has some serious quirks which I don’t think would fly in the real world, but it is what it is.

Miller seems to have embraced this House-like snarky character, and his side-kick of Dr. Watson, with the original twist of being cast to a woman, seems to work. He has most of the ideas, but Watson does come through with a bit of insight herself, making her less the ride-along and more a partner.

I may very well try to catch Elementary again. But I’m wondering, as I’ve heard that Moriarty is slated to show up, if Holmes is really mentally well equipped to deal with the challenge? I don’t get that feel yet. (But then again, I might have missed something while dealing with my sick dog who had a bit of a moment during the show.)

I think it’s a daring venture to tackle this old franchise and I presume that there will be some modern twists to keep it modern and help us get away from the past of this time-tested franchise of Sherlock Holmes.

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