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by on October 30, 2009

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Emilie UllerupFirst, yet another reminder that Emilie Ullerup will be on Smallville tonight.

Now, I’ve noticed a lot of you have been coming here for some news and notes about Emilie, so I’ve taken it upon myself to scour the web, turning over every keyboard and stone I could find for any news I could find about Emilie and I did find some news.

This brand new interview (less than 24 hours old) I came across, I will surmise what they’ve said, but I urge you go on over to the site for the detailed transcribed conversation that ÜberSciFiGeek had with Emilie Ullerup.

First, something I didn’t know was that Emilie had surgery to remove a tumor from her sacrum.  It had wrapped itself around some spinal nerves and with the removal, the doctors had to leave large margins to prevent the tumor from spreading.  (I am not even sure I want to go into explaining what that is, but I had to help a friend deal with this exact thing but the “margin” was a sight I will never ever forget and I could not help with the bandage changes.)

This interview was her more-or-less official statement on the issue.

The one thing that I gravitated to in the interview was that Emilie Ullerup leaving Sanctuary was due to a network decision.  A NETWORK DECISION!  I just wanted you to not miss that point.  NBC is the parent company of Syfy.  I’m just saying.  Thought you should know.


Emilie said she wasn’t expecting to die at the end of episode 2 of season 2 of Sanctuary because there was still so much more of Ashley that needed exploring.

She’s taking this new status of being an unemployed actor bravely, saying there must be a reason and can’t wait to see what happens.

From this change that has been handed out to her, she has a new found appreciation for not taking things for granted to to not take things too personally.  (Is it me, or am I reading much in between the lines.  As if there was great surprise and frustration from whatever precipitated this cast change.)

As far as more work for Emilie, her real focus is on healing first (after months of post-surgery recovery, she is just starting to be able to sit) and work after that.

Emilie playing Cat Grant on Smallville gave her a chance to play a bright. bubbly and bumbling role.  A few of her own traits!  LOL.

They talk about her cameo in Steph Song’s Paradox.

She’s looking to move to the Los Angeles area at the first of the year, looking to “swim in the big pond,” which I surmise means looking for work!

At the end of the interview, they asked Emilie if she had anything to say and she did.  It was an interesting question that I can’t help but NOT quote here:

“If Ashley ever came back to the show, how could it be done in a manner where viewers aren’t like, “Oh, what a boring way to bring her back”? How to not make it “cheap”, and in what capacity would they want to see her back?”

Hmm, interesting.

As far as I see it, it looks like if we want to see Emilie Ullerup back on Sanctuary, the fans will have to do what they’ve done time and time again, with the power of the internet…  make noise, write emails, write letters and get everyone you know to do the same.  It’s worked for Jericho and it seems to have sways decisions about NBC’s Chuck.  Time to ponder action folks.

In the mean time, I implore you to head on over to ÜberSciFiGeek and check out the entire interview.  It was an awesome job done by those guys to touch on a lot of different issues, some of which I didn’t even mention here on Cinema Static.

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If for some odd reason you are curious about post surgical margins, in my ex-wife’s scenario, it was a 4″ x 4″ cavity carved out, like an upside down pyramid, ending at the tailbone.  And yes, I could see the tailbone in those first weeks.  It is designed to let the body heal from that tip of the pyramid and up to the surface.  It was gross and it’s a visual memory, 1 of only a few, that I will never be able to shake.


UPDATE 11/1/09:  See my newest article about “Why Emilie Ullerup was (fired) let go.”

Or if you click on the Emilie Ullerup tag below, you’ll see it all!

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MDobbs November 19, 2009 at 7:24 pm

Amanda Tapping mentioned in an interview that she fought the decision to replace Ashley, so I’d say that she still wants EU back.

Bruce E. Simmons November 3, 2009 at 11:42 am

You’re right ROCKY. As I point out in a subsequent article:

“To be very honest about it, it was a decision we arrived at with our two major networks in the U.S. and Canada creatively, and we really felt it would have the deepest, most dramatic impact on the series and the characters…“

over at


Rocky89 November 3, 2009 at 10:58 am

I understand that, but The The SYFY NETWORK EXECUTIVES, NOT Amanda, or the other producers and writers, but The SYFY NETWORK EXECUTIVES (the guys in charge of the show) made that Ashley dying storyline, then gave it to the show.

Also by point of fact, this was decided and filmed before EU’s accident. They finished filming ep 3 in April and she wasn’t injured until late May. EU broke her tailbone and had surgery after she left the show, it was all just a coincidence. So you see, it wasn’t Amanda’s or their fault, The SYFY NETWORK EXECUTIVES made the decision, not Amanda or the others. So please don’t blame her or them, it’s not their fault, also by point of face in a podcast interview with EU, she said a lot of nice thing about Amanda and she confirmed she’d more than love to come back and rejoin the show next season as a full member, not as a guest.

So you see, Amanda and the shows PTB isn’t to blame, these things just came together, and if you and EVERYONE else keeps watching the show and supporting it, there’s a good chance she’ll be back and everyone will be happy again.

Bruce Simmonos November 1, 2009 at 9:17 am

Well said Niniel and as you’ll see in the upcoming months, I’ve got a lot to say about advertising and television.

Freelander annoyed the … well, stuff out of me too.

Keep an eye out, it seems I have yet one more article on this subject coming up!

Niniel November 1, 2009 at 1:57 am

GRRR!!! So some fascist (metaphorically speaking) didn’t like a strong blond female role, so essentially fired Emilie and made Kate nasal-voiced Freelander the not-so-bad-ass female character.

Well, that’s nonsensical and unlikely, but it still makes me angry that the networks limit the stories with their concerns about popularity, air time, and profit. The stories would be so much better if they had a medium that was no so horribly limiting. The premise of the show is gold: fringe evolution and a female scientist who feels the intellectual captivation and fascination that all true nerds can empathize with.

Time to write letters so I can see her in Season 3.

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