Emilie Ullerup News And An Update Or Two [Arctic Air, A Little Bit Zombie]

by on December 4, 2011

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Emilie Ullerup in a still from SanctuaryWhat’s Emilie Ullerup been up to these days? I came across a few things over the last week and thought I’d share… check it out:

In case you’ve been watching the slowly fading Syfy channel TV show, Sanctuary, I’m wondering if you were as confused as I was?

First up, was the “special episode” they aired last Tuesday. For some silly reason, I thought it was going to a new episode in addition to what was coming out in their usual Friday time slot. It wasn’t. The Sanctuary episode aired on Tuesday and then again on Friday.

So if you’re worried that you missed one of them, but caught the other, don’t fret. You missed nothing.

But more importantly, if you did see the episode, then you caught that flashback scene where fans got a quick glimpse of Emilie Ullerup, where Adam is mind-fraking* with Helen, showing her visuals while she was trapped in a virtual world.

My eyebrows went up, wondering what was up there. Well, it’s a flashback and was not a new scene.

Folks fired off some questions to Ullerup out on Twitter and she confirmed that it was not a new scene. When asked about contractual obligations and flashbacks, she answered saying that flashbacks are dependent upon the contract arrangements between network/studio and the actor.

She also fired off a tweet to an image of hers, where the tweet said, “Hi from Astrid at Arctic Air! Tune in January to meet the whole gang! #CBCArcticAir ”

Arctic Air stars: Adam Beach (Cowboys & Aliens, Law & Order: SVU), Pascale Hutton (Fringe, Rookie Blue, Sanctuary) and Kevin McNulty (The Killing, Endgame, Battlestar Galactica). It will be premiering January 10th on CBC. BTW: I’m slowly becoming a fan of Adam Beach’s. CBC is a Canadian network.

Emilie Ullerup

Other Upcoming projects for Emilie Ullerup, besides the few episodes of Artic Air she’ll be in, look for her in the upcoming TV movies, The Philadelphia Experiment and Fatal Performances.

On the big screen, there’s This Means War, A Little Bit Zombie and The House.

So keep your eyes peeled fans. She’s out there and getting more and more roles as time goes on, leaving behind her ill-fated legacy of Sanctuary.

[ twitter : EmilieUllerup ][IMDbPro]

For the record, there are two existences of the word frak. There’s the fictional expletive, frak or frakking, used on Ronald Moore’s reboot of Battlestar Galactica. There’s also the deed or action of fracking, here in the real world. Fracking is what oil companies do to create what is called hydraulic fracturing. The fracturing creates new avenues or channels to extricate oil or gas and speeds things up.

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