‘End of Watch’ Movie Review; Gyllenhaal & Peña Deliver The Bad Guys

by on February 8, 2013

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'End of Watch' movie review

I recently caught End of Watch and I found it to be an engaging piece of work.  Having not seen or read very much about the movie, I came into the story pretty fresh minded.  Though as the story developed, my concerns were warranted as to where the tale was headed.

But regardless of what came of my expectations, it’s an engaging story delivered from director David Ayer, who guided actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña through the process and tale of their characters.

David Ayer, who also wrote and produced End of Watch, has past credits that include directorial or screenplay writing for Street Kings, S.W.A.T., Training Day and The Fast and the Furious.

Production Still of Jake Gyllenhaal in 'End of Watch'

Of course who doesn’t know of Jake Gyllenhaal (Source Code, Prince of Persia, Brokeback Mountain) or Michael Peña (Gangster Squad, Tower Heist & The Lincoln Lawyer).

Other cast included is Natalie Martinez, Anna Kendrick, Frank Grillo, America Ferrera, Cody Horn and more…

The story is about two young, daring and brazen cops and we follow them in their day-to-day routines in a documentary like filming style.  We meet their friends, families, co-workers and get an idea of what their lives are like. We see some of their bravado, in both putting down the bad guys and saving innocent people.

But in the course of their routines, they come up against a criminal ilk that’s connected to more than the usual street criminal ring.

It’s after their encounter with this heavily backed gang, that we start to get deeper into their lives.  At the same time, we see the criminals plotting against our heroes.

It’s inevitable that the two forces will be meeting, but the criminals think they know what’s up.  But our brazen heroes aren’t clear about the threat that’s hovering about, waiting for their moment.

It’s a great, gritty and enlightening look at the day in the life of a Los Angeles Police Officer.

‘End of Watch’ products on Amazon.

Over on IMDb, users have rightfully given End of Watch a 7.7/10.  We find the story delivered in a believable fashion and follow two very likable characters.  And as I always say, though it’s the known actor faces that movie fans come to appreciate, it takes an entire team, ranging from the director to editors and what not to make a movie look good when all is said and done.

I’d suggest this is a fine movie to add to your collection, no matter what the format.  It’s a very worthy bit of time to take a load off and kick back for a while.

Actor Future Plans…

In case you’re wondering, Gyllenhaal has four more movies coming out… Prisoners (Filming), An Enemy (post-production), Mississippi Grind (actor & producing, in pre-production) and Nailed (in post-production).

Michael Peña has five projects on the horizon.  Frontera (Filming), Turbo (voice, Filming), Chavez (As Cesar E. Chavez; in Post-production), Frank and Cindy (rumored, Pre-production) & Hell & Back (voice, in Post-production).

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