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Brusimm.com: Entertainment news and opinionI’ve been collecting bookmarks over the last week or so and haven’t had a chance to write about the news bites. These interest me, so here are some bits about J. Michael Straczynski‘s new movie, Agent Coulson is not dead on TV, Iron Man 3 news, Ant-Man movie news and a few others.

Do you know how to tell when news is dry or a site is stretching? When you start getting allot of “What if” article titles how old movies could have been, just if. Like, What if Bambi lived after being stomped on by Godzilla. LOL.

Movie Release Date Changes…

Sony revamped it’s upcoming release dates for several movies… the worst of it was the Robocop reboot getting shoved into a February 2014 release. February is known to be the dumping ground for movies that studios don’t have faith in. I had heard rumor of how bad the script was, but I figured it was just one person’s personal angst.

Another redated release include Neill Blomkamp‘s (District 9) Elysium, is now coming out on August 9th, 2013. (This was where Robocop was first slated.)



Ant-Man 2Wow… the movie that has been rumored for years, has finally been acknowledge by Marvel/Disney and a release date has been announced.

The Ant-Man movie from Edgar Wright, is due to be released in Nov of 2015.

I’m guessing that’s pretty cool news for the few thousand mega-fans of the franchise. But the big question is, which Ant-Man will grace the movie pages? Yes, there was more than one!

There was Hank Pym, but then there was the guy who stole the gear from Pym and went on to turn into a good guy.

Thor & Iron Man 3 in 3D

Iron Man 3 news - drawing War Machine and Extremis Armors

Disney has reported that Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 3 will also be coming out in 3D.

I don’t have a problem with 3D releases, but as long as they don’t dominate the release time slots, that’s fine by me. I don’t think I’d catch a Thor 3D, but I might… just might, if I was in a good mood, hit up an Iron Man 3D film. Maybe.


Agent Coulson RETURNS!!!

Clark Gregg in 'The Avengers'This is pretty old news (last week from the date of this article), but the good news on the street is that Clark Gregg is reprising his Agent Phil Coulson role in the TV SERIES from Joss Whedon, Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D..

I don’t know about you, but losing Agent Coulson in The Avengers was a pretty emotional moment. Damn you Whedon, damn you! But I’m desperately hoping that Coulson was an LMD. I mean, when he died, his eyes stayed open. I am desperately hoping.

Did you hear that Joss?

Remember, this TV series will not involve The Avengers, but hey, I think it can be done. Whedon is great with… oh, wait, you probably already know that he’s good with group ensembles. What am I thinking? (Don’t answer that.)


Nasty Letter to Warner Bros About Superman

Did you catch the nasty letter from Laura Siegel Larson? She’s one of the heirs to the rights of Superman. She addresses how she’s been put through the ringer and mistreated by WB in regards to her share of the rights to the iconic character of Superman.

These legal battles have been going on for quite sometime.

And this latest Superman movie that’s coming out, Man of Steel, was produced under the gun to meet time-frame deadlines so they can retain the rights to make Superman movies. If they did not meet this deadline, the rights would have reverted back to the rights owners.

It’s wicked complicated, as different aspects of the character are owned by the different heirs to the creators. It’s a sad, sad state of affairs that hovers in the background of this character.

And yes, rights can be lucrative. I Love Lucy shows that are in syndication are still netting CBS an estimated $20M a year. Yea, surprising, isn’t it?

The letter she wrote is at moviehole

J. Michael Straczynski News

News on the street is that J. Michael Straczynski will be writing a script for a movie based on the comic title Shadowman from Valiant Comics.

For fans, that’s cool. JMS has been the scribe behind such projects as

“writing/producing TV series that include Babylon 5 and Jeremiah, scripting films that include Thor, Ninja Assassin, Underworld Awakening and the Clint Eastwood-directed Changeling, and hatching comic books that include the Amazing Spider-Man and Superman: Earth One.”


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