Entertainment News Bits for a Saturday [Transformers 3, Walking Dead]

by on February 26, 2011

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Transformers 3

Transformers 3 Wrecker Topspin

I don’t know how to spin this crap, so to put it bluntly, it would seem that the Autobot Wrecker NASCAR Transformer in Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon may be another stereotyping character. The toy description for Topspin is

Topspin likes hard jobs that leave him dented. He is very tough, but has below-average intelligence.

This toy description is bringing up memories of the twins from Transformers 2. Eh, we’ll see how it really spins out in the movie. There’s more at the link: [moviefone.com]

The Walking Dead Saturn Noms

The awesome zombie drama, The Walking Dead found itself nominated for several Saturn Awards. The Saturn Awards stem from the Acacemy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror. The nominations are:

  • Andrew Lincoln (Rick) for Best Actor
  • Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori) Best Actress
  • Steven Yuen and Laurie Holden for Best Supporting Actor / ACtress
  • Noah Emmerich (Dr Jenner) Best Starring Role.

See more at [ moviesonline.ca ]

Sony Gets Zombies Vs Robots

Sony picked up the rights for IDW’s comic title, Zombies Vs. Robots, and a script is being created with the title Inherit the Earth. Michael Bay is slated to be one of the producers.

It’s about a young girl protected by robots from a pack of zombies.

See more at [m.deadline.com]

Mary Parent Joins Paramount

Mary Parent has found herself now at Paramount, and she brought Cale Boyter and Luke Ryan with her. I expect great things from her at Paramount now that she’s out from under the restrictive chains she was running under at MGM. It might also be good to know that she appreciates Joss Whedon’s talents.


Curious Movie Ticket Sales Note

Did you know that 11% of the population accounted for 51% of all movie tickets sold? To be honest, that is exactly how most businesses perform. A smaller percentage of the customer base makes up a larger percentage of the business. For a more detailed bit on this info, check it out at [slashfilm.com]

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