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Brusimm.com: Entertainment news and opinionToday’s bit involves a few news bites about Boondock Saints, a bit about Nathan Fillion, I throw my two cents in about Kate Middleton, a couple of casting bits and my funny ass sheet of the week material.

A Boondock Saints III?

Right now there’s word on the street that Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flannery and Troy Duffy are chatting about a third Boondock Saints movie.

The last sequel didn’t do to hot at the box office so it might be a hard sell.

At this point, a third movie is being put into a “development” box. That stage where everyone is thinking about it, coming up with ideas and looking if it’s financially feasible task to undertake.

As exciting as it sounds for the hard core fans, I’d not quite holdin’ m’breath!

Now if you gave Norman a crossbow and added a zombie or two… well, OK, sorry, that was sort of done already!


Everyone wants to write about Nathan Fillion.

There are bits and pieces out there that say Nathan Fillion doesn’t think he’ll be involved in the newest Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy.

OK… we’ll just wait until he does show up in something new. Then we’ll have somethin’ teh’ write ’bout lass!

Kate Middleton

Oh the rage is on again for the royal family as pics of Kate Middleton changing tops has escaped into the meritless wilds of the internet. It’s a long distance, semi-fuzzy shot but if you’re desperate enough for that kind of crap, it’s out there. Even if the Queen is having some websites remove the content.

But now there are questions about privacy invasion and the like.

Personally, I think paparazzi should be excluded from laws. No, not that way. I mean no charges would ever be put on any celebrity that beat the crap out of photog for violating the private moments. That kind of non-law.

But then again, it’s people who eat up the gossip news rags that cause events like this and others to happen.

Think about it… if you can make $10-50k for a good gossipy pic of celeb, well, no wonder they’re such meritless bottom-suckers.

Some Casting News Notes

Natalie Portman is reported to be possibly being looked at to join the cast of the movie, In the Garden of Beasts.

Kevin Costner has been noted to join the cast of the movie called The Explorers Guild.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner will be gracing the set of New Girl in their second season. (I’d watch, but I’m violently allergic to laugh tracks.) Plus, does this mean that Curtis is the bloody heck out of NCIS for the season.


There’s news noise about a sequel to the pinstriped ghost freak, Beetlejuice, but not sure what that’s about. We’ll see if there’s a ‘2’ coming or not when it gets more concrete. And now, I’m not writing that name a third time!

Funny Ass Sheet of the Week

Amanda Bynes, you know the news, right? Had her license suspended because she’s had multiple accidents over the last few years and other completely brainless crap. Well, it seems she was caught driving again (while smoking a disguised po… substance pipe) earlier last week in my old haunt of the San Fernando Valley. Now she’s been caught on tape slamming into another car yesterday (Friday, 9-14) with her BMW.

You know, if it were you or me, by the second incident we’d be in such deep legal muck, it wouldn’t be funny. But stars seem to live under an alternate-world legal system.

This one seems to be going the route that Spears took a few years ago but right now, I don’t see an end to the stupidity.


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