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TV and Movie news and notes

News this week includes

  • ALIEN movie from Neill Blomkamp?
  • AMAZON has new shows coming,
  • SNL
  • SYFY’s New Shows

ALIENS from Neill Blomkamp

Space Jockey from Alien

A bit ago Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium, upcoming film Chappie) had released some concept art (.instagram.) on an idea of his to do with a continuation of the Alien franchise. The content he released, stuff he was just playing around with, got people talking, because, you know, someone farting can make press.

Keep in mind that this would be a continuation of the older film series, not that Prometheus thing that had one of the stupidest scientists I have ever seen. His idea included Ripley and Corporal Hicks teaming up again.

But it was just fictional art.

Now the man himself has said on his instagram account that it’s officially his next film. With no more details.

But let me make a prediction here. (Not a bad one.) In his last few films there were two common threads in his stories, or as I like to call them, trademarks of his. One is destitute tent cities and the other is that the cast will include Sharlto Copley in a major role.  I only say that because Copley has been in every film he’s made so far. Including the upcoming Chappie. I have a tough time deciphering accents and Copley’s is tough for me.


Since Netflix and Amazon are now producing their own content that does not hit the TV first, I thought you would like to know that Amazon is committing to five more new web series for their Prime Instant Video queue which will start showing up in late 2015 and into 2016.

They are…

The Man in the High Castle, an adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s novel;

Mad Dogs which is a dark comedy from Shawn Ryan;

A documentary series titled The New Yorker Presents;

For the kids, Just Add Magic and The Stinky & Dirty Show.


WTH? We have not heard a single peep out of WB or DC about this film, except that they juiced up some promo banner with better quality detail.


Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan in Beauty and the Beast series premiere review

In case you were wondering where the show went, no worries. The CW ordered a fourth season of the beastly fun show while the third season is on its way.

Check out the press release

The third season of fan favorite drama Beauty And The Beast will begin its 13-episode run on Thursday, May 21 (8:00-9:00 pm ET) on The CW Network.  In addition, The CW announced today that Beauty And The Beast has also been renewed a fourth season, which will air later the 2015-2016 season.

As season three begins, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) are able to focus on their love, finally free from Muirfield, manhunts and beasts.   However, that love will be tested as new and more dangerous threats await.  When they learn that innocent victims are being used to test the boundaries of the impossible, Cat and Vincent will uncover a deeper conspiracy, one which Vincent can fight only by turning to the beast he carries within.  But unleashing the beast will risk Vincent’s life – along with his and Cat’s love – as they struggle to build a normal life together.

EMPIRE is doing something no other show I can recall, has ever done, and that’s grow its ratings week after week. Usually people tune into a show and then slowly fade, only to come back to season finales and series finales. But Empire has now hit its sixth week in a row where the ratings have climbed.

That’s pretty impressive.


Just in case you’re a fan of Marvel’s Deadpool AND you have been living in a cave, you should know that a movie has been greenlit, and Ryan Reynolds reprises the role.

A synopsis floating around out there says…

Reynolds is an assassin who is dying of cancer who undergoes a procedure that is supposed to cure him but ends up twisted and scarred while also imbued with super-powers.”


I haven’t really covered it, but did you hear that there is going to be a reboot of the movie franchise, this time with women in the major player roles? Those players include Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones.

And rumors say that for some reason Dan Aykroyd is trying to pen a sequel to what has already been done. That’s weird.


Samuel L. Jackson’s contract with the Marvel Cinematic Universe is almost up. He was originally contracted for nine film appearances.  And I hope he does get a new contract at a decent rate. I remember reading about the salaries of the various cast from the MCU and I had the impression he was the lowest paid of all of them. (But then again, he made more appearances than all of them.)

This time around in Avengers Age of Ultron, since SHIELD no longer exists like it did, we’ll be getting more of a character driven story. Or characters driven story, as the script delves more into each of the characters than before.

In Avengers 2, keep an eye out for things that might be changing how Tony Stark thinks, and apply it to the upcoming Cap 3 film, where the Civil War events start to take place. That civil war being heroes taking stands on different sides of the fence about having to register with the government and hence, revealing their identities and what not. It’s going to get ugly and uncomfortable.

This falls under “Wants” and not news… but rumors say they want Angelina Jolie to direct the upcoming Captain (Ms.) Marvel movie.


In case you are wondering, Repeat After Me, which looked like a seriously lame premise, premiered to lousy numbers, pulling a 2.8/4 for its premiere.


SNL’s 40th Anniversary special on NBC showed the network what side of the break they have the butter on, when the special netted the peacock 23.1 million viewers. Excluding the Super Bowl, these numbers pushed this show to the highest mark since 2006, but Will & Grace finale still holds the chart topper.

SNL’s ratings was a 7.8/21, Will & Grace had an 8.4.


For some reason, TLC picked up Sister Wives for a sixth season.

STALKER ratings are said to be “on the fence,” and I can’t believe that. This is a great show with some serious depth to the characters, but I think folks aren’t fond of the title, otherwise it might be doing better than it is.  To me it’s captivating.

New Shows from SYFY

Syfy’s New Ghost Hunting Show

I know it is shocking to hear, but Syfy has nabbed themselves yet another ghost hunting show down under…

Press Release:

Continuing to expand its roster of global programming, Syfy today announced that it has acquired Haunting: Australia, an eight-part unscripted series featuring six of the best ghost hunters in the world.

Haunting: Australia will premiere on Syfy Tuesday, March 24 at 10PM (ET/PT).

Hailing from all corners of the globe, the Haunting: Australia ghost hunters join forces to investigate paranormal activity in Australia’s most haunted locations, traveling across the country unearthing ghostly evidence.

Each of the experts offers a unique talent that strengthens their collective investigating methods. Together they take on terrifying ghosts in haunting and harsh environments that often hold violent histories still lingering in the form of paranormal presence.

Haunting: Australia joins Syfy’s stable of popular international and domestic acquisitions that includes Lost Girl, Bitten, Continuum, and the upcoming scripted series Olympus and Dark Matter.

= = =

Syfy to Air SPIN Miniseries

Press Release:

Syfy announced that Jim Uhls (Fight Club, Semper Fi, Jumper) has signed on to adapt Robert Charles Wilson’s Hugo Award novel, Spin, into a six hour miniseries. The widely acclaimed novel centers on a young scientist trying to save humanity from the impending apocalypse of a mysterious, impenetrable cloud that has enveloped the entire Earth, blacking out the stars.

Spin, originally published in 2005, is the first of a trilogy in the best-selling series that also includes Axis and Vortex.

= = =


If you can believe filtered “script reviews,” generally speaking, the feel is that the upcoming movie will be pretty good.  Of course the reviews were filtered to eliminate film spoilers and hopefully one of the spoilers is not about how horrible they think it really is!  (Just joking, but seriously, now we’re getting script reviews?)

THE BREAKFAST CLUB (TBC) is returning to theaters for a quick engagement.  TBC is coming back to theaters March 26th and March 31st, via those Fathom events that showcase old movies.

The version screening this year is a restored version of the film plus it will have a featurette with remarks from cast members and filmmakers.

Then of course, there will be an anniversary edition of the film coming to Blu-ray and DVD on March 10th, if you don’t want to wait until the Fathom event.


THE MENTALIST ended its TV run this week, with a …  well, if you’ve seen it you know. And if you’re waiting to see it, I won’t spoil it. The series finale pulled a 6.4/10 in ratings. Nothing to cheer about but not too shabby.


Well, the sitcom Two and a Half Men came to a close this week. And the biggest headline I saw was how the network bought the stars $250k watches and got the production crews nothing. Wow, as if Ashton Kutcher needs a watch he could afford from 30 minutes of work.

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