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by on September 6, 2012

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Brusimm.com: Entertainment news and opinionLooking around the web, let’s see what’s up for headlines… if you want more details, just do a quick search with the keywords provided and that should get you more details on shows such as Doctor Who, Revolution, The Good Wife, or movies like The Dark Knight Rises or Dredd.

Doctor Who

I see that Neil Gaiman is returning to the Doctor Who franchise yet again. I’m not sure how many episodes he’ll be involved in.

Also, bits on the street say that the latest season premiere of the time traveler gave BBC America it’s best ratings ever for a premiere.


It looks like Kim Raver (Grey’s Anatomy) might be joining Revolution in a recurring role.

Dark Knight Rises

There’s a rumor abound that the DVD release of The Dark Knight Rises will have a director’s cut included. I’m thinking not.

Christopher Nolan tends to stick to his vision that he releases to theaters. But we also know that despite the super-long runtime of the movie, there’s quite a bit that has been cut. We’ll see how this goes, but don’t hold your breath.


There’s a prologue comic for the new Dredd remake movie. It will be introducing Ma-Ma and Slo-Mo. Personally, this remake doesn’t look much different than the last one with Stallone in it. But hey, I could be wrong.

The Good Wife

Christinia Ricci will be guesting on season 4 of The Good Wife.

Saving Hope

If you’re wondering what happened to Saving Hope on NBC, it was pulled from the TV scheduled, but if you want to, the last two episodes are being hosted

The Hero

The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) has his own reality TV show coming up… it’s tentatively called The Hero and it’s basically going to be a TNT network reality competition set in a house with 10 contestants and they’ll be challenged on various difficulties, proving if they truly have what it takes to be a hero at heart.

Arrested Development

If you’re an Arrested Development fan, the news on the street is that season 4 of the show is going to be used as a jumping off point for a movie!


As shocking as this may seem, Tom Cruise is lashing out at the ‘audition for wife’ news bits that have been floating around out there. Go figure.

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