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Welcome to BOOK REVIEWS on BRUSIMM! For me, book reviews are the hardest experience to write up. I don’t have actors to talk about or directors to ponder. I have authors I read, stories I digest and my own imagination being whisked away by a good tale or slammed into the ground because of horrible writing. (Those, I try to avoid, but every now and then, I get a doozy!)

Never Go Alone book review Denison Hatch‘s latest book is titled Never Go Alone…  A Jake Rivett Thriller. In Hatch’s last Jake Rivett novel, his first, we had a compelling bank heist with the bad guys being investigated by NYPD’s brash and daring detective, Jake Rivett.  What I liked about that book was that we followed the characters involved in the heist, and we got bits and dribbles about Det. Rivett. It was a fun read.

In his latest book, Never Go Alone, the teaser reads:

“A rash of elaborate cat burglaries of luxury buildings in Manhattan has the city panicked.

When a group of social media obsessed millennials — a loosely organized crew that call themselves “urban explorers”–are suspected in the heists, undercover NYPD detective Jake Rivett is assigned the case.

Rivett dives deep into the urban exploration scene in pursuit of the truth. But what, and who, he finds–deep in the sewers, up in the cranes above under-construction skyscrapers, and everywhere else in New York–will change not only Jake, but the city itself.

The second novel in the critically acclaimed Jake Rivett Series, Never Go Alone is a heist mystery and urban exploration thriller on the razor’s edge of modern culture. As Kirkus Reviews writes, “Written in a particularly visceral fashion, readers get to experience firsthand the pure adrenaline rush of this new breed of urban explorer and location hacker.”

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Never Go Alone on Amazon.

Never Go Alone is a novel whose subject matter, urban exploring, was critically researched by Hatch and translated into a band of characters who are highly experienced climbers. Climbers who could scale any mountain or cliff face, but rather, they use their skills to crawl around the city, clambering up, over and through buildings and subways. All while they pull off heists that no one else can do.

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Book Review of Code Breakers by Colin F. Barnes

Colin F. Barnes has made a world out of place in time in the Code Breakers series where the future has fantastic technology layered in the dust of a post apocalyptic world ravaged by narcissistic avarice and nuclear weaponry. I mean, what could go wrong there?

It’s not a pretty world but as we are introduced to Gerry, we see how he’s fooled into his near perfect daily routine that gets interrupted when his name pops up on the death lottery, a morbid but necessary tool to help maintain the population inside the protective layer of the dome.

CODE BREAKERS and other books on Amazon

But where the dome is designed to create an idyllic life on a barren wasted landscape, Gerry finds himself at wits end about being chosen by the lottery. You would think it’s normal to freak out about winning this particular lottery, but in this case his confusion is warranted, seeing as how he helped develop the lottery system and he should have been exempt from being picked.

And that’s how it begins, Gerry’s journey of self-discovery and challenge. To find things he took for granted ripped out from under him. All while meeting a new social order of people he never knew existed.

This entire story is wrapped in a neat and new kind of world where the technology of networked computers has been joined to our very brains. Where instead of writing code to run programs, people weave code with their minds. Some better than others, where different people have different latent talents.

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The Atlantis Gene (The Origin Mystery, book 1) clocks in at 144 chapters and is an easy read with a fascinating premise underneath it all. And for an author’s first book, it has some flaws, but overall it’s not bad. – The story within The Atlantis Gene starts out introducing the reader to an evolutionary […]

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