ESPN Ends Up Preempting NASCAR Qualifying For Little League?

by on August 21, 2010

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Today I rushed home to crank up my television and watch NASCAR Sprint Cup qualifying from Bristol on ESPN.  This season has been a resounding good time with television coverage and I had forgotten about all the preempting from last season with ABC and ESPN when it came to baseball and such as far as coverage of NASCAR was concerned.

But today I turned into the tube to watch NASCAR qualifying and instead I found myself watching a little league baseball game that still had one inning to go and the score was 10-4.  When the opponents made it 10-8, I was cringing.  I was stunned that I played up my day for this.  THIS?  Yes, this.

I was stunned and I stayed stunned for 23 minutes while ESPN continued to cover the exhilaration that was little league baseball. Shades of America’s Funniest Videos! (Fans  I mean really, I think the last thing ESPN needs is to be reminding people about past misdeeds… indeed.

Though I went to my backup NASCAR media coverage, called Twitter.

Twenty-three minutes later the qualifying coverage started and ESPN cranked it up from the first qualifier, so I didn’t miss anything. In fact they showed every qualifier and did some fancy editing until they caught up to the live mode. Not sure when/how they did it, but they did. I saw that the first 3 qualifiers came at us 1 per minute so they definitely made up some time there. When Denny Hamlin qualed, then instantly he was coasting down pit road… so there were spots I caught where they were playing catch up. It was smooth.

I got to see it all, so though it was a bit distressing, ESPN brought us everything and the qualifying show ended on schedule.  But there was 23 minutes of that all familiar frustration from last year.

Humorous but Real Footnote:

After the most excellent entertainment of the Nationwide Series race where Kyle Busch won… after wrecking Brad Keselowski that is, I tried to catch myself some tennis quarter-finals. I crap you not, it was preempted by little league baseball. LOL.

I quit. I slid on over to HBO and watched Terminator Salvation yet one more time.

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