EUREKA Located, Thoughts on the Last Season So Far and A Few Preview Pics

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Eureka - Season 5 - The Final Season

In the latest episode of Eureka, they were experiencing some… issues with their emergency drills software. It got a wee bit out of hand, to say the least. And during the episode, they rattled off a lat and lon location to place a shield generator to protect the region that the town of Eureka is in! And a buddy of mine looked it up!

But first, since I have your attention, I thought I’d toss out a few other observations so far, in this final season of Eureka:

Eureka - Season 5 (Pictured: Kavan Smith as Deputy Andy )

Andy and his emergency coil, and all he had to do was “Whip it out!“ LOL.

Add that to the “premature evacuation” and various other phrases, I see that the creative team is having as much fun as they can with this final season of the show.

And in the previous episode where many folk had to act like Jack was a bit of a hoot too. But we’re also getting a lot of eye candy time with the girls.

Pictured: (l-r) Colin Ferguson as Sheriff Jack Carter,  Erica Cerra as Deputy Jo Lupo in Eukreak - Season 5

Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra) is having more skin time (Nothing Mr. Skin would notice though) and her hair is down more often.

(l-r) Colin Ferguson as Sheriff Jack Carter, Salli Richardson-Whitfield as Allison Blake in Eureka - Season:5

Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) even had a bedroom scene in her skivvies, and I was totally stunned to see the 6-pack she’s built up. Wow! Who’d a thunk!

Niall Matter as Zane Donovan, Eureka - Season:5

All joking aside, they’re beautiful women and I think it’s awesome that they’re being showcased in numerous ways (not just via the skin scenes, nor is it just the ladies) so that they might be able to get other acting jobs down the road.

Fargo (Neil Grayston) is having one heck of an emotional roller coaster going on, in regards to Holly (Felicia Day) and he’s been incredibly believable. I was finding myself incredibly sad for the guy!

Pictured: Kavan Smith as Deputy Andy from Eureka's final season

We even had the dark side of Andy (Kavan Smith) in the beginning of this season, which was actually creepy. But showcased how serious of a character Smith can put out. Like I said, creepy good on that one!

But the MOST important thing I’ve taken away from the latest episode is a curious set of coordinates they tossed out in the episode titled “Worst Case Scenario.”

Carter (Colin Ferguson) had to put up a device that emanated a shield to protect a part of the town from some incoming missiles and he had to put it in just the right spot… so they radio’d him the lat and lon to put the device.


42.636758 -121.682036

The Location for Syfy's fictional town of EUREKAOr as Google Maps refers to it:

National Forest Development Road 4515
Winema National Forest, Chiloquin, OR 97624 0.5 mi S

These coordinates point to a location off of Co Hwy 600/Williamson River Rd., right next to a fire rd titled NF-4515. This location is just E, NE of Chiloquin, Oregon, in the Winema National Forest.

HA! We gotch’ya now people! We found where Eureka might be hiding!

Or not…

But since they’re having fun with it, so am I.

This last season has been rather enjoyable which is making this also a very bittersweet experience. Below is a list of the upcoming remaining episodes we have left, leaving us with the series finale on July 16th. All, way too soon.

NOTE: At the end of this piece, I have a couple of images from upcoming episodes, but one of them IS A SPOILER from the June 11th episode!!! Sorry to tease, but maybe you don’t want to look….

  • Episode 7: Ex Machina
  • Episode 8: In Too Deep
  • Episode 9: Smarter Carter
  • Episode 10: The Honeymooners
  • Episode 11: Do You See What I See; 6 December 2011
  • Episode 12: Mirror, Mirror
  • Episode 13: Double-Take
  • Episode 14: Just Another Day… 16 July 2012

And this will end the run of fan-favorite show on Syfy.

If you’re angry, don’t be angry at Syfy. They kept the show going for fans despite the ratings. But the timing of Comcast taking over and then the show getting axed seemed circumstantially strong.

In one piece, I point out something that one of the executive producers had to say about this:


In another, a fan of Brusimm finally made contact with Comcast about the cancellation, and got back a ridiculous form letter about the cancellation, including the misspelling of the network. Seriously people, you need to update your form letters more than once every few years:

comcast’s response to the cancellation of eureka


We’re in the midst of saying goodbye to a great showcase of scientific comedy or dramedy… and Eureka will be sorely missed.

In this case, it does seem that the machine of profit-minded greed may have just stepped in and stomped on a fan-fave. (And if you know me, you know I don’t usually say that about show cancellations.)


google maps link to Eureka Location


Eureka - Season 5 - Erica Cerra as Jo Luppo, Colin Ferguson as Jack Carter

Colin Ferguson as Jack Carter, Joe Morton as Henry Deacon in Eureka - Season 5

Eureka - Seaon 5:  Trevor Jackson as Kevin Blake, Kavan Smith as Deputy Andy, Colin Ferguson as Jack Carter, Salli Richardson-Whitfield as Allison Blake, Felicia Day as Dr. Holly Marten, Neil Grayston as Douglas Fargo fro episode titled on Facebook ; CinemaStatic on Twitter ;
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