EUREKA Marathon on Syfy

by on May 31, 2012

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Final Season of EUREKA - Season 5

Syfy is airing a Eureka TV marathon. This marathon will be airing what is called your favorite episodes from the series.

Eureka presently is in its final season on Syfy after being cancelled, but this season is getting pretty fun as they highlight various new aspects of the characters we’ve maybe not seen before.

Heck, I even think I’ve found where the fictional town of Eureka may sit! [Eureka Located!!!???]

But back on subject:

Syfy is having a Eureka marathon on Sunday, June 17th, 2012, and is asking fans to go vote for their favorite episode, and the voting will determine what episodes air on Sunday (I presume!).

To see or find out more or to vote, you can visit



facebook: EurekaSeries


It’s in sections, as you’ll see, like the DVD sets, they split the episodes of season 4 into two sections. Sigh.

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