Eureka Series Finale Recap/Review – Thank you And Farewell!

by on July 17, 2012

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Eureka - Season 5 - The Final Season

Up until tonight’s episode, we knew the series was ending. It made this last season, the fifth of Eureka, sad and great, all at once.

Fans can be bitter about the cancellation of Eureka or you can take what you can get, and at least the production was allowed to finish their story on their terms rather than being cut off in mid-stride.

It was a bit challenging to watch this last episode, the series finale of Eureka, knowing this was it. But my imagination was once again engaged in that quirky sense of fun that this show ignites and I enjoyed this last, final ride through this pesky, scientific town.

Shall we take one final, quick spin through the last episode? (Um, spoilers ensue if you were planning on watching it at a later date/time.)

Henry is carrying guilt about his other self that helped the spy ring start this downfall of Eureka. Everyone is packing the town up.

Jo and Zane talk about their potential job offers.

Oh yea, and Holly, though her brain problem is fixed, does not remember anything that happened since the day she arrived. A side-effect of getting rebooted and the evil programming out of her head. Literally.

Fargo thinks the universe is against him because of everything that’s happened.

Then, while everyone thought they had 6 more weeks to pack up, a team shows up and says the timeline has changed and everyone is moving out today.

Fargo starts a sit-in, in protest of what’s happening.

Eureka - Season 5 - Season finale episode image

Pictured: (l-r) Jordan Hinson, Neil Grayston, Felicia Day

But while Jack Carter is driving Zoe home, they hit a energy wall and find themselves sitting in the middle of the main building where Fargo is having his sit-in. And thus starts the final episode, ever, of Eureka.

And thus, the main investigation of the episode commences, trying to figure out what caused the wormhole that teleported Carters jeep. Oh, his poor jeep. Again.

Henry has Zane retrieve the incriminating info against Grace and his other self.

Another wormhole kicked in, seemingly less stable than the last, transporting Parrish to the cafe, naked.

We get a glimpse of Taggart chasing his loose dog.

Henry contacts his other self’s insidious contact. He tries to convince her to speak to the right people to get his wife freed from prison for her part in the espionage incident.

Eureka - series finale

Pictured: (l-r) Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Colin Ferguson

Turns out the data stream that the town is sending to Washington DC, would seem to be the culprit, being that the data stream is using some new technology. But the piece of equipment to help stabilize the stream, was already shipped out in the move.

They realize that Fargo’s wrist device that makes him immovable could help this problem… Jack charges into the room yelling at Fargo one of those classic quirky fun lines from Eureka:

“Fargo, hurry, we need to put your thingy in the hole before it blows!”

Fargo looks down at his pants, Jack points to his wrist, meaning his wrist watch thingy.


But this device will only work when worn by a person so Jack has to take the dive into the unstable wormhole.

And then it happens.

The moment that elicits memories from the last five years that brings tears to the viewers eyes.

When Jack jumps into the wormhole, he zooms past scene after scene of moments or memories from the last five years. The moment where homage is paid to the show and the fans.

I didn’t see that coming and it hit hard.

Eureka - series finale, behind the scenes

Pictured: (l-r) Erica Cerra and Neil Grayston

Jack seems to have fixed the problem.

Fargo gets a call, telling him the town has been sold.

Holly is offered a job at Darpa and can hire her own team. Fargo seems to see the potential there.

Grace is freed and returns to Henry.

Jo proposes to Zane.

And then suddenly, Dr. Trevor Grant shows up. Because it turns out, he bought the town and saved it from mothballs.

Fargo is stepping down as director of GD and Henry is made the new director.

Cafe Diem is back in full swing.

Allison tells Jack she is pregnant!

How perfect can a series end folks? The viewer is treated to a camera panning through Cafe Diem and the town, seeing everybody one last time in the last few minutes of the show.

Jack is driving Zoe out of town, (taking her to the airport?) and they pass a car with him driving it, Zoe, arrested, in the back seat. Jack says “I’ll deal with that tomorrow.”


The Location for Syfy's fictional town of EUREKAYes… that’s where Eureka is!
In an episode, they called out the lat and lon of the town to put up a shield…
42.636758 -121.682036

And thus ended another happily typical episode of Eureka, closing out the show in a wonderfully quiet story in this series finale. It had the usual, with just a few extra things in it to mark the end of this beloved Syfy channel series.

Thank you and good night to the town of Eureka. Thank you for five great years and all the characters and stories. The love, the fun, the excitement of quirky science gone wrong, every single week. And almost always, the town getting saved by, of all people, Jack Carter.

At least fans can imagine that the town lives on, with Dr. Grant having bought and saved the town from being mothballed. So it can live on in or imaginations.


Thank you for coming by my humble site and check out this one last write up for Eureka.

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Paul Forcey July 17, 2012 at 1:02 pm

It was an amazing series, We were saying last night that we are now going to watch it all again on Netflix!

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