Eureka’s New Season Has A Great New Direction

by on July 23, 2010

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Eureka season 4 on the Syfy Channel promo art

This newest season of Eureka, I think is wonderful. The showrunners have given the show a fantastic shake up without making massive cast changes… just changes to the cast on this Syfy Channel popular TV series.

Eureka has been changed up when Sheriff Carter, Fargo, Allison, Lupo & Deacon went back in time to 1947 … and when they managed to return to their own time, they not only brought back an extra person, in the form of James Callis, who plays Dr. Trevor Grant, one of the founding scientists of the town of Eureka.

It was awesome to see when Eureka was first just a simple military camp before it became the town it is / was today. But when they figured out how to come back to their own time, Dr. Grant finagled his way back to the present with them, and that changed things.

I love the changes, it gives the entire plot a different feel… a new level of tension in the background as our wayward time travelers can’t tell anyone what has happened to them.

The twist ups are annoying in a good way and we also have Deputy Andy back… I liked Andy when we first saw him.

Tonight’s episode was the epi that Wil Wheaton guest starred in. LOL, I had not seen Wheaton on-screen in anything since Star Trek: The Next Generation. I didn’t even know it was him at first during Eureka… he’s changed quite a bit from those scrawny geek kid on ST:TNG.

Great episode and this is turning into a great season!

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