Ever Wonder What Coffee Brand McDonald’s Uses?

by on November 20, 2012

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Coffee Brand McDonald's UsesYep…  I was wondering that too.  For the longest time I’ve been enjoying the coffee that comes out of McDonald’s, and it’s a curse.  Or bad excuse to “drop in” for some coffee while nabbing an Egg McMuffin!  (Yep, one of my guilty pleasures of life.  Maybe it’s more fond memories of my misbegotten childhood.)

So I started digging around the web, but those infamous “answer” sites where everyone but their mother (and maybe even her too) chimed in with what looked like fascinating guesses and such. (Those sites need to be banned or revamped!)

So I contacted one of the PR folks from McDonald’s and they were so nice to fill me on on a few deets:

The brand of coffee that McDonald’s uses is called “Gaviña Gourmet Coffee.“  And they serve more than 400 million cups of this coffee every year.

And while I was at if, I also learned that:

  • Lopez Foods supplies the beef patties to McDonald’s;
  • Keystone Foods is the source for their Chicken MgNuggets;
  • 100 Circle Farms provides the potatoes for those yummy McDonald’s fries!

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Gaviña Gourmet Coffee
The journey started 25 years ago, when Gaviña was asked to create the perfect coffee blend for McDonald’s, and they traveled the globe in search of exactly the right combination of coffee beans. They found it in the rich coffee-bearing soils of Central and South America, and McDonald’s Premium Roast Blend was born.
Coffee has always been the Gaviña family’s guiding passion, and when Don Francisco Gaviña left Cuba and established a coffee roasting plant in Southern California, he fulfilled a life-long dream. His children grew up on the plantation and learned to live and love the coffee business at first hand, and Gaviña remains a family company rooted in traditional values. His son, Pedro Gaviña,  says their motto is, “Everything we do, we should enjoy.”
Today, Gaviña’s state of the art facility is located in Southern California. It’s dedicated to creating gourmet coffee, innovative new coffee concepts, and, through their training program, teaching McDonald’s employees the art of brewing great coffee.
Gaviña prides itself on maintaining a green coffee department that’s dedicated to sustainability. As Pedro Gaviña points out, “Coffee is the second-most traded commodity in the world, and the economy of over 50 countries depends on it. It is vital that we look after farmers and look after land, as without sustainability there is absolutely no future.”

McDonald’s customers enjoy over 400 million cups of Gaviña coffee a year. They have grown to be one of the world’s foremost gourmet producers, who, according to Pedro, “Deliver the best coffee in the world to McDonald’s.”

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