Everyone Is All Agog About Yates Directing A ‘Doctor Who’ Movie

by on November 15, 2011

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Doctor Who Sonic Screwdrivers 2011-05-03_08-56-37_91When I first saw this note about David Yates wanting to direct a Doctor Who movie, I saw it long before anyone else was spun up about it, more than 24 hours prior to writing this.  Now, at the time that I put this together, there are 16 pages of Doctor Who results as everyone pings off of everyone else about this news.

But the news seemed hopeful at best and with the project slated to being a few years off, I said “meh” to myself.  I’ll wait and see how that really develops.

But then one site got ahold of it, a few others saw them, then others and so forth and so on.  This piece now has a life of its own.  So be it.

The movie news for the TV show Doctor Who said that David Yates, who had directed the last four Harry Potter movies, and TV shows like State of Play & The Bill, has been tapped by BBC to help develop a Doctor Who movie with Jane Tranter, the boss of the Los Angeles office  of BBC Worldwide Productions.

And right now, they’re looking for/at writers.

This movie, as intended today (because ‘in development’ can change so many times) that the movie would not tack on to any present story from the TV show, but it would be a new story.  (And from what we’ve been hearing to date, it could possibly allegedly not include Matt Smith.)

Right now, they’re only at the stage of looking for writers.  In regards to that, today it looks like Yates is stepping around Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat and looking for fresh blood.  Which could be a good thing.

When Russell T Davies was behind the David Tenant Who era, there was a flow to the story and writing.  People loved the Tennant Doctor.

Then the change to Matt Smith sent the masses into a spiral for frustration, because this morphing, time traveling, 900-year-old alien could or by their standards, should not be played by someone as young as Matt Smith, who is the current Doctor.  Smith’s version has been backed by Steven Moffat as the showrunner.  But for me, Steven Moffat’s style confuses my senses.  The episodes are very much like the classic version… where the first half of each seems so confusing & eclectic as plot points are seemingly pulled out of the air and jumbled together.  But if you make it through that phase of an episode, the rest makes perfect, poetic sense.  If you can get to those parts.

If David Yates sticks to what he says about grabbing fresh keyboard blood, this could be a very good thing for the franchise to translate to the silver screen.

Yates cut his teeth on Harry Potter and has the edge on mystical angles.  Now he has to find a writer that agrees with him, like screenplay writer Steve Kloves did, in working with him on the last three Harry Potter films.

Don’t be surprised if Kloves shows up backing this Doctor Who movie.  He has the angle on the British feel for screenplays.  And the angle on the fanciful and impossible, making it obviously believable enough.  And he did such off of source material.  All aspects that will be in play for Doctor Who, in one degree or another.

Hell, Yates should snag Christopher Nolan to write this one.  Now that would be a mind-blower of a Doctor Who movie!

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paul forcey November 16, 2011 at 7:43 am

I just do not think this will ever be made, if it is there is no way it can be made without a huge star name.

Matt Smith just won’t cut it (he barely cuts it for the TV version) they will need a big name to even get this into the “possible” column..

If Russel Davies writes it we will end up with a R rated film where the Dr and Captain jack finally reveal their deep down love or something.

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