EXTINCTION END by Nicholas Sansbury, A Book Review

by on April 28, 2016

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Extinction End book review

Extinction End is the fifth and final title in the Extinction Cycle series by Nicholas Sansbury Smith.

You’ve seen my take on the first four books in the series, as Sansbury doled out a tale of scientific horror stemming from the military’s desire to get the upper hand on our enemy by trying to create a super soldier or unbeatable opponent. But that plan went horribly awry as their experiment went south and so to, did the project.

But alas, as with any good project with potential, but anxious and stupid mistakes being made, this viral additive they created many years ago ends up infecting a staff member who breaks quarantine procedures and leaves the lab. Because he was in haste and didn’t think anything of breaking protocol.

Hence, the beginning of the end of humanity as we know it.

Through the first four books we followed our primary heroes, Dr. Kate Lovato and Delta Force Team Ghost leader Master Sargent Reed Beckham, as they struggle with the battle against the infected people of the world, becoming these other-worldly mutations. Kate does her battles from the confines of the lab, her weapon of choice: the microscope. Reed takes his battle to the front line where his weapon of choice is anything that goes boom!

In this fifth chapter, knowing this is the final chapter in the battle for humanity, our team of heroes face the mutated enemy from without while also facing misguided human enemies from within. It’s a no-win situation as the superior foes move forward and the idiotic or weak-willed human collaborators make troubles from within. Yet this is one more no-win situation that Sgt Beckham and his crew on Team Ghost has to face. Or just another day on the job for them.

This is it as they race against the clock to extinguish the enemy before they mutate yet again beyond the stage they’re at, making them impervious to many of humanity’s weaponry, making them deadly and dangerous beyond all hope. Or beyond all human hope.

This, is the final push to save what little is left of humanity around the world.

– – –

As you hit up this final chapter of Sansbury’s book, don’t sit on your laurels hoping to enjoy the ride. This might be the final chapter of this story but don’t bring expectations of how you think it will end to the table while you read. Enjoy it for what this book is as Smith pulls no punches in the telling of humans fighting super-powered demon-like monster mutations. (Or ex-wives… depending on how you look at it.)


It is a worthy, popcorn-fun read full of action, adventure, sacrifice, and…

Well, you’ll see for yourself if you go and pick up the series, and because this is the final book in the series, there’s no waiting around for the next book. You can just keep diving in, if you like tormenting yourself like that.

Smith has a fantastic track record with previous writings, so whether you buy this, the Extinction Cycle Series, or any of his other books, I do not think you can go wrong.

Go check out his Amazon Web Page of offerings. You can thank me later in the comments below!

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