FACEBOOK Allows Animal Cruelty Videos

by on May 27, 2015

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DOG_FIGHT Video on Facebook

I just watched a TEN MINUTE Facebook video of a group of individuals prompting two dogs to fight. Or to be more exact, watching one dog rip at the face and neck of a submissive dog, all while prompting and petting the aggressor dog.

I’ve taken screen shots that show as little as possible of the carnage, while trying to expose the faces of the individuals who were prompting this heinous violence while others circled about, taping the horror.

This in and of itself leaves me sick and speechless with nothing but vulgar expressions of horror about these terrible people. They need to be excised and castrated… slowly. Very, very slowly.

But what is more horrible is that videos like this are allowed by Facebook.

A year or so ago I came across a video on Facebook of two men beating the shit out of a cat in an alley with sticks. They laughed while whipping the poor animal into horrible contortions of pain and suffering. THEY LAUGHED.

I reported the video through the appropriate channels that Facebook provides, but the reply was that the video did not violate any of their standards or rules for the social media site.

Are you kidding me? Beating, torturing or even possibly killing an innocent animal does not violate Facebook posting rules? I can only surmise that if that’s the case, they must truly believe in freedom of speech and to stretch my perspective a bit further, FB must condone animal cruelty.

To be honest, Facebook allows a lot of fighting video content on the sight, from video taped gang brawls to cage fights. It is OK with them to post these kinds of videos. But videos where innocent animals are forced or coerced to shred each other, or humans torturing animals, should, in some humane way, should violate some kind of online regulation.

Sure, there are “graphic nature” warnings on the video, and the video was being shared in the hopes of getting the people involved in the video arrested. So there was a point to it, and the poster did not seem to be of this kind of person, considering their other content posted.

But seriously Facebook, we know you are all about making money off everyone, but can’t you prohibit a certain sector of our society from your multi-billion dollar monetizing campaigns?

My day has been ruined and I’ll never be able to get these images out of my head, but I had to watch and snap screen shots. Just in the hopes that another animal like the light brown pup in the video, does not have to suffer like he/she did.

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