Facebook and Warner Bros Looking To Rent You Movies

by on March 9, 2011

in Entertainment

Facebook LogoFacebook wants to be everything to everyone. They’ve cornered the market in online games, in friends chatting with each other, in passing out their “Like” button to everywhere on the web. They’re trying their hand at a new email system and they’re trying to pass around a plugin that will allow people to share their website surfing comments with everyone.

Now, Facebook as landed on the medium of Hollywood, which in my mind, was inevitable! Now they want to rent movies to you online. (As if a billion different streaming options wasn’t enough!) But to be honest with Facebook competing with Google as a web presence, this option actually makes some odd and wildly potential sense!

Warner Bros. is behind the application that will allow FB users to watch rented movies and their first offering to the FB masses is the ever wildly popular film from Christopher Nolan, called The Dark Knight.

To be honest, this I see working out, if for anything, as FB being a live ratings system for movies. Not only could we look up reviews of movies to determine if we like them or not, but now, if our friends “Like” a movie, friends whom we know have the same tastes as we do, that could push the market medium into a totally different level of marketing.

And it won’t just be a local, geographical momentum! Meaning, from my perspective, that instead of talking to the occasional co-worker or neighbor, we would now have access to hundreds of people that we might like, who we see what opinions they hold about a movie, from around the world.

This could be HUGE.

I don’t buy the crap about e-mail. For all intent purposes, sites like FB or Twitter are nothing but huge replications of email chain letters or newsletters. Except it’s a little more strained out, as I just can’t see someone following 1,000 ‘sources’ and keeping track of them all.

But still, staring Tuesday, March 15th, you’ll be able to rent The Dark Knight for a mere $3 and you have access to the rental for 48 hours. The collaboration between Warner Bros. and Facebook started with The Dark Knight because it had the most “likes” on the site, with a count of just around 3 million happy FB’ers.

With 600 million Facebook users, I’m thinking this is a brilliant move for the studios.

If (When) it works out, Warner Bros will start releasing more movies to Facebook and this will look Apple, Hulu, YouTube and Netflix right in the face and kick dirt at them. With this new digital streaming threat, analysts say that Netflix stock dropped 6%.

This is huge because I just don’t see any of the contenders having 600 million subscribers like Facebook does (Netflix has 20M) and having a movie rental app within an app that you’re already in, makes it even easier. Not to mention we’ll be seeing when all our friends like or watch something.

Dang, this is something I actually like that’s coming, renting movies from Facebook.


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