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by on February 9, 2016

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It’s Official, Facebook Could Give A Shit About What We Want or to be pragmatic, it just seems that we keep getting the short end of the stick while Facebook works at continually transforming their social media platform into a powerhouse of profit for them.

I say it’s official, but seriously, there are a few things that to me says that the only time Facebook makes any improvements for the user, it is to benefit themselves.

Sure, we have new “like”-like buttons coming. But it took how long to get them? Because, yea, there’s no way I am going to “Like” that my buddies dog died. No way.

There’s the video volume on Facebook.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve turned down the volume on the videos on FB, but for some reason, they always start up at full volume.

Yet the way computers work they know when you make mouse clicks and what not.

It would be too easy to just get it right, take note and leave our volume choice where we left it last. MUCH LIKE you know, YouTube!

Here’s the clincher…


So here’s the thing… no matter how much you click on “Most Recent” to fill your news feed, “Top Stories” continues to invade your personal space and right to choice.

Now admittedly, FB is trying to make TS (Top Stories) a better “experience” for users and have started populating our TS feed with stuff from our actual friends. But I still want to see the MR (Most Recent) posts from my friends, because if I don’t swap out my feed settings, I’ll miss some folks posts.

Now remember, FB filters your feed already. Do you recall seeing a fan page ask for you to say something or like a post of theirs? That’s because after FB filters things out “for us,” only about 10% of a page’s followers see their content.

Facebook filters your feed to that which you interact with the most. Whether it be Page or Friend, your feeds are being filtered “for you.” Yes, even your friends.

Nice, huh.

Here’s what pissed me off: No matter how often I swapped my feed from TS to MR, it always managed to find its own way back to TS.  WTF?  (I’m not spelling that one out for you.)

For all of last year, (2015), I kept track of when my feed was switched back to TS “for me.”

I use three computers, which should not impact my personal preferences for my own account, but in case for some marketing reason why, it seems to.

I swapped out my feed to MR and found it switched back 141 times last year.

That boils down to my feed being changed “for me” once every 2.5 days.  Of course that’s an average over a 365 day year, when in truth, sometimes it went weeks without changing, or sometimes it changed multiple times in a day on me and sometimes within five minutes of my choosing MR.

Once again, let me use Google’s YouTube or even GMail as an example… once I set preferences for my accounts under my Google products, they persist no matter how or where I access them from… whether it be by multiple computers or different phones.  But somehow FB must not have hired good programmers and can’t figure out what settings I want or how to keep them. CRAP, even my Blu-ray player and DVR knows where I left off on a movie… but FB can’t???

Just saying.

“Top Stories” Like Feature In Your Friends Home Feeds

But wait, there’s more!!!

Have you seen your friend’s pages or personal feeds yet? Yep. If you go and look up a friend’s feed, you will NOW see “posts you haven’t seen,” AKA, a form of Top Stories, and after weeding through that bullshit, then you can see your friend’s most recent posts.

Though there is apparently a trick to get that crap out there.

Turning Off Story Bumping or Top Stories In Friends Feeds

If you go directly to your friend’s feed in FB and see “posts you haven’t seen,” you can get rid of that bullshit by just refreshing their feed and it should go away.

I saw that recommendation in a BB and tried it myself and it worked. I hope it works for you in getting rid of this irritating crap.

Some say it only works for them if you scroll through a page/feed a little.  Which, technically I did when I got to the feed I wanted… I scrolled to my buddy’s most recent posts, hit refresh, and it worked.

Running an FB Page Has Been Slowly Getting More Difficult.

When you re-posted something to a page from something you saw out there on FB, it used to be one set of options for an FB Page admin to choose from when you shared another post, image or video.

Now, I have to hit three to four buttons to access my page to repost an item. It’s almost as if they don’t want you to propagate your own page. At least for the small-fry guys.

Then there’s the issue with images. If you follow this or my other site/page, Cinema Static, you may have noticed a lack of imagery.

That’s because now, only the big guns (advertising partners) and big money get their images precached and put in their posts.

Little guys like myself, again, have multiple steps to go through a number of hoops to get an image included with a post. No, it’s not tough nor impossible. But it is annoying.

Be it as it may, it is a free (to us) service that makes BILLIONS of dollars from their advertising partners and hence, the bottom line is the big bucks.


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