Facebook Gets A New Game: ‘The Hunger Games’

by on March 6, 2012

in Entertainment

The Hunger Games movie poster

Tis an interesting bit of news, in that Facebook as a new game coming out this month, in correlation with the Lionsgate movie, The Hunger Games!

It’s called The Hunger Games Adventures and will be set in the isometric world of Panem, where you get to play in the field of battle.


There are a few changes with this Hunger Games Facebook game.

It’s Facebook and the entire world sees it, so there won’t be the usual deaths in the game that we’re expecting from the fictional word of the games.

Also, the game is free on Facebook, unless you want to pay for upgrades and other things that “make your game play smoother.”

Yea, there’s that.  At first I was getting pretty excited but then I saw that.  I was almost willing to break my rule about games on Facebook.  (When you play games on FB, the game requests permission to your profile.  When games do that, they dig through not only your profile, but then spider out into profiles of all your friends.  Digging and rooting around, looking for those marketing nuggets that the “free” games are always collecting.)

If you wonder what harm that can do, not much really.  It’s just a mild invasion of privacy and your Facebook surfing habits, along with the same from your friends.

But most folk don’t mind.

There’s more over at the source… Hunger Games Facebook game

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