FACEBOOK Goes Down, And People Called 911

by on January 28, 2015

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facebook offline, my life in ruins

A horror beyond horrors occurred Tuesday night (1-27-15). A travesty or personal affront took place where people’s liberties were abruptly taken from them, without warning.

No, I’m not talking a mass murder. Nor am I talking about an organized countrywide home invasion. No, something much, much worse, and that is that Facebook and Instagram went down and became unreachable.

I was on Facebook and noticed things started acting odd on the platform and it very quickly devolved into a non-interactive experience. So I bolted for other parts of the web and then did something else altogether. I just assumed they were installing a new way to bait us into clicking more links on the site.

It never occurred to me to call 911 because Facebook went down. And yet, all across this fine country of these United States, that is exactly what happens (Last August 2014, it happened)… and it turns out, last night was not a unique experience, but yet, a common occurrence.

Here in the Bay Area, the newspaper headline read, Law Enforcement Urges People to Not Call 911 When Facebook Goes Down. (Paraphrased)

Seriously? I am trying very hard to fathom under what reason one might think you need to call personal emergency services that connect you to the police or fire department, because Facebook went down?

Anyone? Sure, I missed out on liking yet more funny images or dog pictures or taking some dumb ass test to find out what state I’m from (As if I forgot), or what 60’s song I am, or what (ever) I am. But that wasn’t a reason.

As it was though, folks in the Bay Area had reason and it’s making the news. As I’m sure, like last August, others around the U.S. probably ended up doing.

Let’s review.

Facebook is a social network for… socializing. It’s powered be advertisers and allows the company to make billions of your use of it.

I believe, and this is just a personal list, reasons for needing to call 911 could possibly include…

  • -Your place of residence is on fire.
  • -You have just been involved in an automobile accident that required critical medical help.
  • -You have witnessed a crime, like a murder.
  • -That same murderer is scratching at your door to get in and get you.

I am just saying, those are the basics for why I would think of calling 911. I’m sure there are more. But that’s my starter list.

BTW, if you ever forget the number to 911, you could always call 411. Or do an internet search.

This… was my humorous observation for the day.

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