Facebook Like And Share Farming Helps Spread Malware

by on January 19, 2016

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So there it was, the biggest lottery in human history about to take place, and suddenly there are a few viral posts going around on Facebook where someone posts a picture of lottery tickets, then they say if you like, comment and share the post, they will share the winnings with you.

OK, let’s rip this apart for what this shameless stunt is…

  • A: First, since they are stupid enough to have shared a picture of their numbers, go get your own damn ticket and skip the legal bullshit this situation could create.
  • B: Don’t involve and drag your FB friends into this by sharing these viral posts. They’re the same kind of posts that say the most brilliant billionaires are going to share their wealth with you.

Seriously, if you think this is going to happen, you need to rethink your approach to using the internet and how to dodge malware.

When you come across posts like this that your friends share for you, resist.

These are just sad, shameless attempts at gaming the Facebook system.

Remember, when you run a page and have 5,000 likes, after a period of time, only a small percentage of your fans will see your page because of how Facebook filters all users feeds.

If your fans don’t interact with your page, like your posts, or comment on anything, they get your page filtered off their feed. (This is also true of your own, personal friends lists)

There are a few ways around this block that FB sets up “for you.”

One is that after liking a page, you can choose to follow or not follow a page, but there’s the option to get notifications. This will always put a message in your notice field (those pesky reminder bubbles.) This is good if they don’t update much. But if they do update a lot, that can get annoying.

But as it stands, as you normally use FB, you are probably only seeing about 10% of what you could see. (This is why Twitter is better, you see everything you follow… but that can be overwhelming too.)

But when you see these get rich quick things on Facebook, remember the old adage, too good to be true, then it is. Or there is no getting rich quick scheme. Period.

And to be honest, if you dwell on it, it’s embarrassing to get snagged sharing these things. Right?

These farming virals are so stupid…

They work by getting mindless likes or social interactions for their page which gives them huge traction on FB. The page is set up to look like an innocent looking page but once they get all the FB traction, the page owners then set up advertising links to what ever they want, including malware.

So when you like, comment and share these posts, you are helping these aholes get what they want and if they’re selling malware, you’re also helping them screw over someone else’s computer.

SO beware, be smart and ignore these idiot posts of free money or what not. They can lead to malware attempts to hijack your accounts or set up spam messages in group pages or what not.
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