Facebook Says Your User Problems Are Because You’re Confused About Your Email

by on July 3, 2012

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Facebook Logo from SimplyZestyDo you recall last week how Facebook changed your email address on you without telling you?  Yea, they went behind the scenes and swapped out settings so that instead of getting notifications to the email you were expecting to get them at, the notices went to Facebook’s version of email for your account.  (Did I mention they didn’t tell you when they did this?)

This sparked my angst article on how Facebook doesn’t care about their users, because just as easily as they made this sweeping change to your preferences, they could just as easily as send out notices to your feed or inbox when they make these sweeping system changes.

But they don’t.  Instead, they make system changes and let the users play catch up.

They continually use this practice with every change they make.  They treat the user like an after-affect.

Their recent notification said that people were confused because you didn’t know how FB categorizes the emails you were supposed to be getting at your own, personal email account.

The secret formula for your email organization goes like this:

“By default, messages from friends or friends of friends go into your Inbox. Everything else goes to your Other folder,”

If you aren’t fond of how your email preferences were hijacked out from under you, you can change things to how you want them:

1. Go to your profile page.

2. On your Timeline, click on the ‘Update Info’ button. Click that. (You can also click on the About page).

3. On the Contact Info box, click Edit.

4. The first item is ‘Emails.’   It’s here that you should see your new @facebook.com email address.  Put  your mouse cursor over the symbol that looks like a No Smoking sign.

5. Click the down arrow and select “Hidden from Timeline.” Here is where you can choose which email address you want to have on your profile. All users need a personal email address to sign up for a Facebook account, so your original email address should still be listed here. Just change the setting next to the email address you want to use for Facebook alerts and messages to “Show on Timeline,” or the open circle symbol.

6. Click Save.

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