Facebook Sharing Your Home Address and Phone Numbers [Consumer]

by on January 18, 2011

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Always Being Watched when on Facebook

I don’t know if you caught my random RT that I had broadcast on “all channels” the other day, but I felt this needed to be shared and for everyone to know:

Facebook has made it possible to start sharing your home address and phone numbers with their application developers on the website.

This new push to eliminate privacy on the web by Mark Zuckerberg feels like just one more thing in a long line of things where he keeps pushing and pulling at the privacy line for his Facebook users. Facebook reps say that this is just one more thing that will make signing up for products and such that much easier. If Zuck didn’t already have a rep for wanting to rip our privacy out from under us (while protecting his own), I would almost believe that spin.

There are ways around this.

I know a lot of my readers are smart consumers, but for those who haven’t thought of it: Don’t sign up for apps and games that want to peruse your profile for your info and your contacts’ info, block them within your profile. I’m sorry, but as the shrewd consumer that I can be, I’ve pretty much dodged all the games and crap on Facebook… so far. If you have invited me or nudged me or whatever’d me with a game from Facebook, I won’t see it. I’ve blocked the apps and games at the source the first time I’ve seen them and I get no more invites and notices.

Please, see the following article and spread the word on this one: The Huffington Post

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