‘Falling Skies’ On TNT, A Quick Review

by on August 12, 2011

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Falling Skies on TNT, from Steven Spielberg, has come and gone.  But in its passing, it definitely left a mark on the TV ratings game.

FALLING SKIES Promotional Poster Art

TNT called the series the “#1 new basic cable series in the United States” as it’s first season finale episode pulled in 5.6 million viewers.  It also premiered to some pretty decent numbers, at around 5.9M viewers.  Viewers were a curious lot about the show, that’s for sure.

The series stars Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood, Will Patton, Drew Roy, Maxim Knight, Connor Jessup, Colin Cunningham, Sarah Sanguin Carter, Seychelle Gabriel, Mpho Koaho and Peter Shinkoda.

Falling Skies takes place in the chaotic aftermath of an alien attack that has left most of the world completely incapacitated. Tom Mason (Wyle), a Boston history professor and the father of three sons, must put his extensive knowledge of military history to the test as second in command of a regiment of resistance fighters protecting a large group of civilian survivors.”

When I caught the first episode, the idea of Noah Wyle being an action hero just did not capture my attention.  He had already more or less faded with The Librarian for me.  And then the premiere episode of Skies just felt very low-key to this viewer.  Wyle and Bloodgood were so low key in the first few ep that it dragged me down a bit.  I was not drawn into this show that had a very melancholy feel to it.  I watched one more episode then sort of let it go be the wayside.


But then my curiosity got me interest piqued and I picked up where I left off and finished out the season on VOD.

To be honest, the story matures nicely as characters develop with each other and the circumstances around them.  There are some great twists that come out of it all and the last few episodes tend to hit it out of the park for me.

Will Patton in FALLING SKIES

Though that last 30 minutes of the season finale where they human resistance makes a final, hopeless attack on the aliens, everything seemed to fall apart and come together awful conveniently.  Especially that shot with the shoulder rocket by a first-timer.  Nice shot Noah!!!

Colin Cunningham in FALLING SKIES

Colin Cunningham, pictured above, plays my fave character in the show…  John Pope.

I think that if you ever get the chance to catch this show via replays, DVD or what not, I think once you get into it a few episodes, you too will be pulled right along with the story.

TNT has ordered a ten-episode second season! Falling Skies is executive-produced by Steven Spielberg, along with DreamWorks Television heads Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank, Graham Yost (The Pacific, Justified) and screenwriter Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan, The Patriot), who wrote the pilot from an idea he co-conceived with Spielberg. .

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