Falling Skies Season Two; An Abbreviated Look Back

by on August 23, 2012

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Noah Wyle in Falling Skies

The first season of Falling Skies was ho-hum for me. It had interesting aspects but I wasn’t completely sold on the story or characters. But I did give it a shot and watched the entire season. So it didn’t completely suck for this viewer, obviously. But I might have been experiencing the cast feeling out their characters. If anyone remembers the first season of ST:TNG, you know exactly what I mean.

About halfway into season two of Falling Skies, I decided to play marathon watcher and cranked up the VoD eps and play catch up.

And suddenly I felt like we had a show. I liked the new mix of being on the move, worrying about whose a spy, infection by tech wear, searching for Charleston and Ben being a member of the skidder rebel underground while not being an enemy. (That we know of.) It was hard believing there was an underground, but there was and it came through for everyone.

Will Patton, Noah Wyle and Drew Roy in Falling Skies

And as fans pulled for it, our wayward battle-worn group finally did find Charleston, but it wasn’t all bed and roses. It was populated with conflicting forces of humanity… or, the usual political yearnings that can be the soul of humanity’s self destruction.

But in this war-torn world, I don’t think there’s room for idealistic resistance, though it seems preached at times. And I found some nuances of the show distracting. Details like blankets on top of vehicle engine hoods would not block out heat signatures. Infected humans are always left alone to wake up infected, etc., etc.. Families starting up and what not. But hey, it’s popcorn sci-fi fun, right?

And now that the season finale of Falling Skies has come and gone, we saw the resistance do its thing and take out that huge new alien weapon, we figured everything was coming up roses. But has it?

In the closing scenes new aliens land on Earth, pop up their faceplate and smile. I can’t help but wonder about their timing and intentions.

First… the timing: With the weapon destroyed, the new aliens land. Were they being held off by that weapon our team destroyed?

Intent: Sure, they landed and rather than attack, opened their face mask and smiled. (I think that was a smile!) Are they being friendly or will it turn out to be condescending?

Wow… Earth is getting over-populated with space-faring species!

This will make for an interesting third season of Falling Skies. That’s for sure. The show stars Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood, Will Patton, Sarah Carter, Sanctuary‘s Ryan Robbins, Drew Roy and many others.

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