Fans Review of the ‘Fright Night 3D’ Test Screening

by on March 30, 2011

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David Tennant in FRIGHT NIGHT

David Tennant in 'Fright Night'

When I first heard that there is a remake of the classic 1985 Tom Holland directed and written movie, Fright Night, my first reaction was to cringe.  Another classic being dug up, the rights dusted off and some new actors injected into the story to put a new spin on what I considered to be one of the truly good & original vampire movies to come along in its day.

But then as the cast started to grow, I started to have some anticipation for the Fright Night remake …

Director:  Craig Gillespie (United States of Tara, Lars and the Real Girl)
Screenplay: Marti Noxon (I Am Number Four [oops], Mad Men, Private Practice, Prison Break, Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel)[‘Nuff said!]
Cast:  Colin Farrell, David Tennant, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots.

It looked like the potential for a successful remake… for once.  I wasn’t overboard about Gillespie, but when I saw Marti Noxon involved, I shifted my expectations to what I call a hopeful-neutral.

Recently a public test screening took place in Orange, California on (March 24th or 25th?).  Some remarks about the Fright Night remake made their way into the public eye!

The reviews seem to be rather mixed about the film…

If you’re a David Tennant fan, a Live Journal blog called Tennant Love had some Twitter comments about the project screening:

Saw David Tennant in Fright Night & he rocked leather trousers like no one but he can! Great, fun film.

Chris Mintz was hilarious & Colin Ferrell was a convincing vampire.

The movie was great & DT gets a lot more screen time than I was expecting.

Here’s a vague comment:  “LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT.

Though they do not quote the tweets, I’ll believe them.  Yet if believable, the Twitter reviews seem to make it look like the film was a hit.  (But I have to wonder how many were swayed about the idea of seeing a movie long before its premiere date of August 19th?)

But then I saw a Fright Night 3D fan review of the same screening over at one of my peer websites, Killer Film.

The guest review sent in to KF seemed to have a completely different take on the preview screening…

No heart. No soul. No thank you. You would be better off getting a Black & Decker enema…for real.

But how did the reviewer really feel?

Well, he went on to call

Colin Farrell a 40-year-old version of Robert Pattinson,” and David Tennant “a cross between Criss Angel and Russell Brand.”

He sounds like a Rotten Tomatoes reviewer!  (Jesting of course)


Someone suggested in the comments of the KF article that the collection of Twitter praise were studio plants.  I don’t have the time to hunt down the accounts and confirm or deny that, though it should be easy enough.  Just time consuming but oddly, I did do a quick forensic search and very few tweets popped up.

Here’s a tweet pointing to a collection of mystery tweets:

These two are real tweets from real seeming people:

This outline of the movie screening has SPOILERS:

So there you have it, depending on the time of day or which leg your standing on, the movie was great or it was flat.  I was pretty depressed to see the negative review over on Killer Film, but tentatively pleased with the alleged praise others have given it.

About Fright Night 3D:

“Charlie Brewster’s beginning his senior year of high school and things are finally falling into place: he’s grown a few inches, gained a few pounds and he’s now dating the most coveted girl in school. But trouble arrives when Jerry moves in next door. He seems like a cool guy, but beneath the surface, there’s something off about him – something intimidating. And after observing some very strange activity along with the mysterious disappearance of his best friend, Charlie comes to an unmistakable conclusion: Jerry is a vampire who’s preying on the neighborhood. Unable to convince anyone of what he knows, Charlie is going to have to come face to face with the monster himself. “

And no, I’m not headed out to see it in 3D.

Tennant LoveKiller Film.

PS:  BTW, you do know that “Charlie Brewster” is on FX’s Justified, right?  Yep, William Ragsdale plays struggling real estate agent Gary Hawkins.  He’s not in every episode, but he showed up in 13 so far.

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