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by on November 16, 2011

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DuraVisionPro Safety LightThe other day I had bought a DuraVisionPro LX-4000 Safety Light and thought I’d pump out this quickie product review!  I’m pretty dang happy with it because it’s one of the easiest to wear and brightest to see lights I own.  And it would seem that I did so in the nick of time.

The  DuraVisionPro LX-4000 is an incredible light to use for running.  It has a 4,000 foot visibility range and three modes of light that range between blinking to solid.

It’s super light in weight and has been super easy to put on and it so far, it seems to stay on.  And the great thing about the light is that it clamps to many spots.

I’ve worn it off the back of my hat, my shirt collar, and my running shorts waistline.  All with no real obstruction or noticeable weight.  (Yep, even off the back strap of my Velcro strap on my hat didn’t bother me.)

When I bought the light, it used to cost $10.  The company has recently DOUBLED the price of this neat little safety gadget.

So if you use obscure pedantic like that, there’s something interesting to know.  I would not have dropped the $20 on it… but I readily dropped $10.

It’s one of the brightest safety lights I have.  It does the job… well, I presume it does the job.  I’m still here aren’t I?  But is it worth the new doubled price?

Consumer news, Consumer alerts and a Consumer's opinionIf you like BRIGHT, then yes, it probably is since it has a 4k foot visibility range.  I’m a bit disapointed that DuraVisionPro doubled the price and that smells like greed to me, but hey, it is what it is.

I love my DuraVisionPro LX-4000, and then again, I only paid the old price of $10 for it.

Info on the light:  duravisionpro.com

(Plus there’s a note about how to change the batteries in the DuraVision light)

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