‘Fast Five’ & ‘Thor’ Doing Awesome at The Box Office

by on May 1, 2011

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Dwayne Johnson in 'Fast Five'After four movies under the franchise, I wasn’t sure how the public would take to a fifth movie based around the premise that was fun to watch at the box office.  But Fast Five has sent a message in a big way this weekend with the numbers it pulled in so far!  Wow…

Fast Five just gave Universal Pictures its best performing opening weekend, ever, and it pulled in an amazing $83 million domestically.  Overseas, it pulled in an additional $45 million.  These numbers are helping people in the industry tout the end to the box office slump.

When I saw Fast Five was coming out, I was worried that its previous renditions of the Fast and Furious franchise would dampen the enthusiasm of movie-goers.  People I know were questioning if they should go see it or not.  I was excited about the premise of two huge action heroes in each, their own right, facing off.

But despite my trepidations about the franchise, I didn’t thing that, or I didn’t count on the mix of Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel facing off against each other.  I think this says a lot about the two actors together.  It’s like the ultimate match up.

And then we add to the two stars, the collective movie reviews from different venues were giving the movie thumbs up… over 70% of the professional reviews out there were saying the movie was a good experience.

Now my prediction in my last weekly new movies at the box office article, was that it would “Probably making its money back at the box office.  The question is just how long that may take.

I now know.  That would be one weekend, if you look at their estimated production costs of around $125-$150 million.  Good job to the team ensemble of Universal Pictures, Dwayne Johnson, director Justin Lin and writer Chris Morgan.


'Thor' - Chris Hemsworth PL012_

ThorThor opened in movie theaters?  Well, yes, but before you snap, it opens here at the U.S. box office this Friday, May 6th, but it’s been in the theaters overseas now for a few weeks.

If you’re wondering if Thor is any good, the Marvel Studios, Paramount Pictures distributed movie starring Chris Hemsworth pulled in $83 million overseas.

I think that says much towards this Norse God character.  I’ve seen some overseas reviews and they’re pretty much behind the movie.  The usually frumpy gang over at Rotten Tomatoes has it at a 94%, Empire.com gives it 4 out of 5 stars.   BEWARE, the review seems pretty spoilery if you don’t like knowing the story before you get to the theater.

After Credits Goodies

Now anyone who has seen a Marvel character based movie knows there will be a itty bitty little nugget that roles after the credits.

SO we presume there’s something at the end of Thor


Did you stick around for the credits after Fast Five?  Uh huh, now I’m betting you wish you had.  I’ve heard that there’s something there for the patient fans who didn’t bolt right away!

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