Favreau Not Directing Iron Man 3 [Truth or Rumor?]

by on December 14, 2010

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NY Mag’s Vulture column is reporting that “insiders” say that Jon Favreau, the man whose vision made Iron Man shine as bright as it did, will not be returning to the director’s chair for Iron Man 3.

If you recall, it was a reported close call that Mr. Favreau reclaimed the director’s chair for Iron Man 2 as rumors and news bits suggested that he wanted more money than Marvel was willing to pay. This new bit if info makes near perfect sense in regards to directing Iron Man 3.

Now that Disney is the purse string pulling boss, I suspect they stomped their huge, size 20 Mouse shoes down on this one and said no go.

If you think about it, it was the conjectured price tag of Terrence Howard as one of many reasons he was replaced by Don Cheadle in Iron Man 2.

The “insiders” informed Vulture that by their estimation, Mr. Favreau could be commanding $12 to 15 million for Iron Man 3 plus 15% of the film’s gross.

Supposedly Marvel Studios is looking for a director for Iron Man 3… in fact, they started looking Monday night (12-13-10).



This worries me in that replacing Favreau, they’re replacing the core of the franchise. That very core that pulled so much together and blended so many years of the comic franchise into 250 minutes of seamless entertainment, not missing a beat or even upsetting the hard-core fans who have been fans from since the beginning of the comic book title.

It’s a brave move indeed, on the part of both parties. I’ve always felt frustrated when creative entities prices themselves out of a job, leaving the fans hanging and hoping that their favorite TV show or movie franchise holds true to the appeal that made it their favorite to begin with.

Then again, this was information from an “inside” source and for all we know, really holds no merit what-so-ever. it could be a chess move, setting the tone for upcoming negotiations for all we know. I mean hey, Feige dissed the Marvel short features rumor from a year ago just recently. Anything is possible, though I wouldn’t be surprised if this truly were the case.



Just over an hour after I wrote this up, Deadline Hollywood is confirming (with a slight shot in the side at Vulture) that “insiders” have reported Mr. Favreau is not directing Iron Man 3.

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