Fear Losing Your Camera? Attach Contact Info To Your Camera

by on March 1, 2012

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Transformers 3 Sony Pace 3D Camera

Transformers 3 Sony Pace 3D Camera

Over on the GoPro Facebook page they had a bit about someone who had lost their camera while surfing. In a bit of great luck, the camera found its way into the hands of a good-minded Samaritan who went through the trouble trying to ID the surfer in the video and it went from there, with the happy ending.

(OK, I’m betting no one is going to lose this camera they used to film TF3 with… but I thought it was a cool pic.)

But not all camera losses are happy endings and not all Samaritans are good-minded. Some may be, but then, they’re not as persistent in trying to find disconnected owners.

This takes me back to one other facet of digital camera use, and that is something I’ve noticed is that so many people seem to take pictures but leave them on their phones or camera, trusting to the process or system that the images are stored on.

I’d like to make a suggestion or two, plus pass on something that GoPro suggested also.

First I’d suggest to take the time, whether it be weekly or bi-weekly, to move or copy your photos to your PC/Laptop at home.

Someday you may think, dang, there was one great picture on that camera before {whatever happened to it} and I’m really wanting that picture now.

If you are purely phone-centric, check out some of the free sites that allow you to splat your imagery out there, whether it be Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa or what not… I think it would be nice to have a backup so if something does happen to your images, you know you still have them.

I’m not sure Facebook is the best image backup process… they down-sample images and it’s not quite the same quality. So keep your eye out for a site that allows you the freedom to retain the original image size.

The suggestion I saw on GoPro’s Facebook page was to attach contact information to your phone in some fashion.

For the surfer-minded photog, they suggested

leash your camera and use a Floaty when you’re ocean bound. It might not hurt to write contact info on the camera too.

If your camera or phone does have the spot or space to write contact info, that might be great. My first thought, with the lazy Samaritan who might not want to go through all the trouble of finding the owner of a camera, would be to use a sharpie and put something on camera or phone.

It would be hard for the noob that starts using your lost camera if BOB’S CAMERA @BOB on Twitter is written on it without raising some questions!

Or something I think would have a potential of some success, is take a picture of your contact info and leave that image on the camera.

What Contact Info?

I don’t think I’d put my life story into my contact info. I’d avoid giving out too many personal details. But I’d leave enough details so that someone could find me.

Whether it be your Twitter, Facebook or some other social networking account info or a phone number. Though I’m leaning away from phone numbers…

But that’s my thought of the day.

If you want to see the story of the surfer and watch the video of his camera making a break for it, check out the link below:

ocregister: surfer gets camera returned


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