Felicia Day’s Syfy Movie RED Gets an Airdate in October

by on September 7, 2010

in Entertainment

Felicia Day in Syfy TV Movie RED

We’ve been waiting, and waiting, and finally, just short of 30 days away, the Syfy Channel announced the air date for Red, starring Felicia Day, will air on October 30th, 2010.  Along with Felicia Day, stars Kavan Smith (Eureka, Stargate Atlantis) and Stephen McHattie (2012, Watchmen).  It’s directed by Sheldon Wilson (Screamers: The Hunting, Mothman) and is written by Brook Durham (Merlin and the Book of Beasts, writer of the upcoming Emilie Ullerup starrer, Witchslayer.)

Red is about the descendant of Little Red Riding Hood, whose lineage has become werewolf hunters.  (I guess they have an axe to grind after the wolf gobbled up the little red hood!

Check out the preview:

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