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by on February 17, 2015

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One of the most interesting or controversial movies that has come to the silver screen seems to have been Fifty Shades of Grey. The film based on the popular book, you would think, would do well and be received well across the board. Or was it a good book being made into a movie? Or was the subject matter itself the only force behind the momentum of the book sales?

I ask these questions because I’ve been told by a few who read the book that despite the subject content, one or both of the characters we interpreted as flat and insulting. That it diminishes women. If you read movie reviews about Fifty Shades of Grey, they too were not very flowery in the verbiage.

What is confusing to some is that the movie pulled in around $82M in ticket sales for its opening weekend, but then again, much of that was from pre-sales of the movie tickets, plus it hit foreign movie markets just before the U.S. opening weekend.

And I suspect there are a lot of disappointed movie-goers as the weekend winds down.

Rotten Tomatoes has a pretty low score for a popular movie, as it nets a 26% from the critics scale, while 50% of RT users “liked” the movie.

Over on IMDb, it pulled in a 3.8. That is a seriously low number from users. (It jacked up to 4.0 24 hours after my looking over the numbers) But what’s curious is that as IMDb breaks down the review numbers, men ranked the movie very low while women rated it higher. On average, 14k males rated it 2.6, while 11.6k female votes gave it a 5.9. Women under 18 gave it the highest score of all the different demographics, being a 7.3. I’m sure there’s a punch line in there somewhere.

Bottom lines, 24% of the scores were 10s while 45% of the scores were 1 and kink sells to a specific demographic.

Be it as it may, the film made its chunk of money and my guess is that the numbers will drop pretty drastically next weekend. Many films do, but this one, I’m guessing, more so than most. But that’s a sheer guess on my part.

Time will tell, will it not?

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