Fighting Breast Cancer: Interested in Donating a Mammogram, Free?

by on October 8, 2012

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Breast Cancer Pink RibbonBEFORE YOU LEAVE THIS PAGE, please consider this: Cancer affects 1 in 3 people, in one form or another. (Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women) One of the leading causes of cancer, is time. Yes, time. You’d be surprised, if you asked around you, how many people you know have been affected by cancer. A year ago, it wasn’t me or my family. Now, it is. So please, peruse this piece and see if something here appeals to your sense of the fight. Because the fight against breast cancer is really the fight against all cancer. Thank you, -Bruce

When some folk get sick, or look to tackle preventive medicines, there are many that turn to their work’s health insurance to cover the costs. But there are very many folk outside of the large big cities that don’t always have medical insurance or have a decent level of medical insurance. When I lived in the Boise, ID region, I saw how prevalent it was. And it was scary sad.

But there are those of us who can help in one way or another. Here on Brusimm, you have probably heard me go on and on about different ways to donate to the fight against breast cancer, or cancer in general. One of my favorite reminders is that it only takes $one. If you’re watching a TV show and that pink ribbon or the pink color associated with the pink ribbon shows up, I mention how it would be nice if everyone who was watching the show could donate a mere dollar. My reasoning is that if there are a few million folks watching the show, that’s a few million dollars in the fight against cancer.

But today I saw an interesting ad about donating a mammogram.

So I did a little research and found out that there are a couple of ways to do this.

One… head on over to TheBreastCancerSite. The website has corporate sponsors and paid advertising and your mouse click helps give a woman a free mammogram. Yep, with just a click. They also sell a lot of pink things where the proceeds (or portion thereof) go to the cause. (While writing this I headed over and clicked!) The website is part of a network called The GreaterGood Network.

You can also head over the The National Breast Cancer Foundation where you can donate any amount of money you’d like to, to the cause. (I looked around and saw no minimum requirements. I avoid sites with minimums if I can help it. That doesn’t go well with my “The Power of $One” pitch!)

There’s also the pink lid donation program from Yoplait Yogurt.

These are just two of the ways or avenues one can help the cause. If you have your own preferences or a different fight, that’s fine. As long as we’re all in it. Our government is tied up in other issues with their monies and they can’t always address what impacts us personally. It’s up to us to do that. This is one of those “thats.”

Thanks for considering this plea for help against the fight.

The Power of One Against Breast Cancer

Brusimm stands up for something more than just entertainment news & gossip. I also have a goal. A goal to help induct at least one more person into the halls of awareness about breast cancer. And I hope it’s not a victim, but just a concerned person whom I help educate in my tirades and pitches about breast cancer. (Did you know that October is breast cancer awareness month?)

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