Fillion and Tudyk Spoof FIREFLY?

by on March 13, 2015

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Con_Man_Poster, Nathan Fillion and Alan TudykIn case you have not heard, Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk are at it again, sort of. Right now these two have started an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for a web series they are creating, called Con Man.

Con Man is about the world of sci-fi conventions, where Tudyk’s character was on a sci-fi show that was cancelled too soon. (Sound familiar Firefly fans?) With the fictional show’s early cancellation, he’s relegated to signing head shots and appearances at conventions. All the while Fillion’s character who was in the same show, has gone on to action-hero fame and stardom.

Tudyk’s character is frustrated with Fillion’s success.


The web series will have interesting guest stars like Sean Maher and Gina Torres, Amy Acker, Seth Green, Felicia Day, and Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker James Gunn.

The plot sounds hilarious and seems to echo, to some degree, real life. But then again, real life scenarios tend to inspire great fiction.

Fillion and Tudyk are looking to raise $425,000 for the shows first three episodes. Tudyk is hoping for more mula, considering he has written 10 scripts, including ones with scenes where their two characters are seen in their pretend roles, where there are scenes of Tudyk flying a spaceship and Nathan being the captain.

All they need is some money to help produce the web series that Alan created.

Take a look at the fund raiser page below…

[ : con-man ]

“Wray Nerely (Alan Tudyk-Me!) was a co-star on Spectrum, a sci-fi series which was canceled -Too Soon- yet became a cult classic. Wrays good friend, Jack Moore (Nathan Fillion) starred in the series and has gone on to become a major movie star. While Jack enjoys the life of an A-lister, Wray tours the sci-fi circuit as a guest of conventions, comic book stores, and lots of pop culture events. The show will feature all the weird and crazy things that happen to Wray along the way to these events.”


This should be a great hoot for Firefly fans… I can’t wait to see it.

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