Filmmaker Kevin Smith Keeps His Howard Stern One Way Feud Going

by on February 20, 2011

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For some reason there’s this supposed feud (or not, depending how you look at it) going on between filmmaker Kevin Smith and SiriusXM radio host Howard Stern. Well, at least it seems that Mr. Smith is keeping it alive.

Kevin Smith brought up his issues with Howard Stern yet again during one of his self-hosted podcasts, noting that the last time that he asked for an interview spot on the Howard Stern Show, he was ridiculed by the radio jock.

“Before I got on air, [Stern’s] talk up was: ‘Kevin Smith — he’s a filmmaker and he made Clerks and all these movies — he’s always calling and trying to get on the show’.

And right then and there he lost me. Cause I’m like: ‘Dude? You just treated me like one of these f—ing Wack Packers — one of these guys who calls up and says: ‘Hey man! Listen to me fart the National Anthem!’ or ‘I’m gonna pee on my girlfriend’s hand’ or something like that.”

Here’s something about Howard Stern that needs to be understood… there is no stone unturned when he deals with his guests, period. He pulls no punches and asks deep, insightful and at times, incredibly personal questions.  he speaks his mind.  And that is something many folks can’t seem to deal with.

From the first paragraph in the quote, that’s all Howard Stern was doing, making an honest statement.  Apparently Mr. Smith made a few calls requesting to be on the show.  Yet from Stern’s quote, Smith goes on to equate himself with the Howard Stern Wack Packers.

The Wack Packers push my own limits and patience as these are some select “personalities” who call in who have some incredibly wild and nutty “eccentric” personalities & issues. They’re so far out there that I’m not even going to try and describe them here.

But then Smith’s wife / co-host tossed out that his feelings were hurt and he concurred. He went on to say he would never treat anyone like that and questioned allowing himself being bashed from someone, whom he respects so much that he wouldn’t bash back.

Yet it seems on-the-fly, he digressed from announcing a free ticket giveaway to his movie Red State during his Howard Stern interview, and instead, took the giveaway to a terrestrial based radio station, WFAN, saying they reach way more people.

Regionally speaking (where the movie is playing), WFAN was probably the smarter move, but for numbers, I’m not sure which avenue got more exposure. Then again, Kevin Smith wanted to be on the Howard Stern Show, so he knows how many millions can be reached via the satellite broadcaster.

This coming from the guy who publicly dissed all form of internet media exposure before the opening of his indie released film, Red State. Saying that he had a single location that contained all possible information anyone could ask him at a single link, circumventing the need to answer the same questions over and over through redundant interviews.

I wonder if Howard Stern weren’t on vacation, if he’d even notice this? Smith has a lot to prove… as he announced a pretty optimistic plan to make money off of Red State in a private film tour, hoping to charge some insane amount of money that he felt people would pay, to see the movie. It has been touted as a pretty good project, and he’s touted as one who does produce great content.

If he didn’t have the need to use expletives in almost every sentence he mutters, I would probably be impressed with the man, but I had to stop following his twitter account because it was just Mr. Smith, going on and on… about his wife, and other things.  I didn’t mind following him, but when he got going, he totally filled up my feed.  Maybe I should create yet another twitter feed that is designed to follow the more popular ramblers!  LOL.

I just find it interesting that Kevin Smith keeps coming at Howard Stern… then again, any press is good press!

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