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by on March 13, 2011

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Clicker, the Internet Television GuideWant to find what you want, to watch online?  Clicker is the place you want to check out then.

When I miss recording something at home, or I find I can only record three of the four shows I want to watch in a night, do you know what happens?  I have to figure out where that fourth show can be snagged and watched.  Trying to sort out where who plays what where can be a game of internet cat and mouse.  You need the deductive powers of Sherlock Holmes or Iron Man‘s on-board compuer Jarvis to start sorting through the noise.

In most cases, a network will air their own shows under their own website. But then you have to head out and confirm that info.  And if they don’t, then you’re either left looking for where it might be or clicking through to another site.

Urg, arg!

Then of course there are online movies.  Now I know I watched one of the latest Godzilla movies online, but I don’t remember which site I was at.  There are several that offer up movies for viewing, free or otherwise.  And I’m talking legitimate viewing, not these scamming places that tell you that you can watch a movie for free on their site now, even though the movie isn’t out yet.  Phhfft!

Well, someone is looking to help everyone out with their quandaries.  Back in 2009 a man named Jim Lanzone started up a website called Clicker.

Clicker pulls together listings of where everything is playing so instead of hoping around to Hulu and other sites to figure out who has what, you can just hit up Clicker, and bam.  It’s the Google of TV, movie, music video search function of the web!  But better!

For TV shows and such, Clicker checks out Amazon, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Netflix, Comcast / Infinity and Hulu Plus.

While writing thisI just headed over to Clicker and on the front page, I can see where to go for the pilot episode of the hotly popular Breakout Kings on A&E.  Or I can see that there are 15 free avenues and 58 paid avenues for watching Fox’s Fringe. Or for Fox’s House, I can watch it either on FOX, Amazon, iTunes or Hulu Plus.

OK, so let me put it to the test… I’m going to check out Godzilla under movies and see what it comes up with:

Godzilla Final WarsBam!  It looks like Crackle has all my Godzilla movies ready to go:  Godzilla: Final Wars, Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S., Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla, Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II and it list goes on.  They even have Godzilla 2000.

Psst:  In Godzilla Final Wars the big green guy goes after a bunch of other monsters, and strangely, he encounters a smaller version of himself that takes two or three hits at best before getting trounced and it’s evident they were taking a hilarious shot at the 1998 version of Godzilla that starred Matthew Broderick.

So let’s see if I can push it a little bit.

Johnny SokkoI thought I’d pull up one of my favorite TV pastimes… I went for some TV obscurity and checked on Airwolf, a series from the mid-80s:  Sure enough, Clicker knew where to go.  Things I can think of, they seem to know where they are.  I checked on the cartoon Speed Racer… yep.  They even knew where Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot (Giant Robo) could be found.

It’s impressive that they had things I could think of.  Clicker even has a charts page that shows you the most popular choices today… Dateline seems to top the lists but they also show you what are the most popular Web Episodes and/or Web Shows.  What the heck is “Today in 2 Minutes?”  See, I’m already learning about new things!

Want to know where to go for your favorite online entertainment?  Then go check out Clicker.

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