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Finders Keepers on Syfy review

Finders Keepers is the film that shows that if Chucky had an evil sister or cousin doll, this would be the one!

On Syfy tonight was Finders Keepers, starring Jaime Pressly, Kylie Rogers along with Patrick Muldoon, Tobin Bell, Marina Sirtis, and a few other notable names in a film from HFD Productions. It is directed by Alexander Yellen, whose resume includes Z Nation, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus and Snakes on a Plane.

The movie is also a part of Syfy‘s 31 Days of Halloween.

The story is about a single mom and her daughter moving into a house where very bad things had happened. And while moving in, the daughter found “a doll.” A very creepy, scary looking doll, but she wanted to keep it. And as the tagline about the movie suggests, “A huanted doll teaches a little girl why children should not play with undead things.”

The story starts out simple enough. Cops show up to a house and find dead bodies everywhere, and a ten-year-old boy, standing there, appears to have done the murdering.

Present day, Alyson (Pressley) and Claire (Rogers) move into the house, and Claire finds the doll. It doesn’t take long for things to, um, start to happen to anyone who pisses off Claire. And Claire is embracing the angry, tiny child demon killer role nicely. One that totes her doll everywhere with her.

Finders Keepers does not actually cover any new ground but does cover the basics nicely. Sure, we have people stepping into scenes with jump-inducing music and the classic, hiding under beds and getting dragged out moments.

But to be honest, the doll is a nice, creepy presence, Pressly sets the tone as the unsuspecting mother, while Mirina Sirtis covers acting ground that I have never seen her cover, as a crazy cat lady.

Jamie Pressly has shrugged off her classic, long hair, comedic image for a short cropped hair look of a responsible adult mother.

But the true star of the movie is Kylie Rogers. She delivers quite the evil little child that sets her above the rest of the cast who plays standard kinds of horror movie victims. When I looked her up, she is one busy child actor, with nine TV and seven movie titles to her name. She also has two TV shows and two movies in production.

As far as movies on Syfy goes, this made for TV movie stands out above most of their movies in production values, even if it does hit all the common horror movie tropes. There’s nothing new here, but for a few hours of simple TV entertainment, I think you’ll find this movie fun and enjoyable enough.

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