Finding Music That Played During A TV Show Episode

by on October 7, 2011

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Cinema Static - TV News, Movie News and other Entertainment OpinionHave you ever been watching a TV show and suddenly there’s a song blasting at you that makes you go, “Wow!”, and now you have to have that song on your player?

The other night my wife was watching The Secret Circle, and there was a tune in the background that just caught both our attentions.

I headed out and was able to find the exact name of the song.

Yea, I get moments like that too. Sometimes a tune jumps out at you!

One good way to find a song is to head on over to TuneFind. I don’t know how quickly they update, but they seem to be pretty quick about it. I looked at a few shows and TV shows that aired the previous night from when I’m writing this now had music track updates.

With me finding the song from The Secret Circle, they had the listing of songs from the episode and a very terse description of the scene it played during.

On the front page they’re highlighting shows they’ve recently updated, like Supernatural, Blue Bloods, The Vampire Diaries, Fringe, CSI, etc..

Go check it out next time you need to find a tune you liked in a TV show you watch.

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