Fireballs, Meteors & Near-Earth Asteroids: Videos and How To Watch DA14

by on February 15, 2013

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Still from 1998 movie Amageddon

What I’m finding amazing is that after all the Fireballs, Meteors & Near-Earth Asteroids, there’s no studio attached to the event… yet. I’ve pulled some videos together to watch and I also chat about how to watch DA14 as it goes by Earth today at 11:24 AM, (CA time)!

Last night before going to bed I caught the news about a “Meteor hitting Russia!” Knowing how some news broadcasts can be, I found the teaser title tempting and stuck around to see what crap the news station was dispensing, and why they wanted to catch viewers attention this way.

Boy, was I in for a surprise when the news report wasn’t enflaming the title! (No pun intended, but I’ll take the credit anyway.)

After weeding through dozens of self-serving (ad-laced) YouTube videos, I found this one with multiple angles or looks during the event.

What an incredible event to occur and the video looked much like one might imagine some kind of fictional attack in the movies. You see the “missile” looking object screaming into sight, then it goes off over land, much like many kinds of missiles do. Then the flash that is so bright from the explosive event that it drowns out the sun. And then the debris from that event continuing on it’s path.

Many reports are saying the meteor slammed into Chelyabinsk, Russia. It’s more “near” than “into” but still, how crazy. And despite the fact that what was left did not hit any city locations directly, the sonic boom or explosion caused damage and the injury reports are ranging anywhere between 500 and 900 people.

Of course if you’ve ever heard a sonic boom coming from a few miles up in the atmosphere, can you imagine what one might be like just overhead!?

This video exemplifies the moment in Russia… the boom takes place by the 20-30 second mark…

A few good interior moments during the event:

And that’s not the half of it. This little guy was a herald of something bigger to come, and I’m not talking Galactus or Thanos!

Wait, did I call the Russian sonic boom meteor, now a meteorite, little? Russian scientists estimated that the sonic boom rock weighed about 11 tons before entering the atmosphere!

Asteroid DA14 & How To Watch

There’s a 143,000 ton asteroid headed for a near-Earth experience as it passes by our little blue sphere, within 17-18,000 miles. That’s pretty close. That’s as close as the U.S. is 6x across.

Put on the hard hats! This bad boy is around a 150-foot sized chunk of asteroid was named “2012 DA14.” Amateur astronomers discovered it.

This isn’t quite that rare, because flybys like this take place about every 40 years. (Or so the aliens piloting the asteroid-looking craft want us to believe!) And it’s been noted that it won’t be hitting anything, or as it was put in one news report “Its not going to hit any of our critical satellite assets.”

That’s because there are some GPS satellites that sit roughly 5,000 more miles farther out than this thing will come close! Crap… I hope this thing doesn’t affect my Garmin GPS wrist device!!!

Asteroids, Meteors and Flybys movie promo from DEEP IMPACT

And if you’re wondering, DA14 is approximately the same estimated size as that of the asteroid that plastered Siberia in 1908. So a little chunk of rock, with lots of stored energy, can do some serious damage.

If you want to catch the Asteroid, a Southern California’s NBC LA article has multiple references, at the How Can I watch 2012 DA14 subsection near the bottom of the article.

Observation: of course, one of the greatest scientific events for mankind occurs, and when I go to YouTube, I have to weed through the “recommended” and popular videos to find a decent vid. There are days I worry for society. For a moment, today was one of those days.

Curious: And I can’t wait to see how the conspiracy theorists will attempt to make fools of themselves about the fireworks over Russia. Because, you know, it’s all about something we know nothing about, attempting to destroy us all.

Prediction/Question: How many entertainment websites will put up a piece about meteor/asteroid movies?

Let me be quick about it… Meteor (1979); Armageddon (1998), Deep Impact (1998), Meteor (1979) & A Fire in the Sky (1978), just to name a few. There, that should get the ball rolling!

One more thing: An asteroid is a rock in space. A meteor is that rock flying through the atmosphere and a meteorite is that rock, after it hit the ground! (That’s a bonus bit for the 10 to 15% of you that had the patience to read to the bottom of this article!)




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