Firefly Comic: Shepherd Book Comic Book Coming in November

by on March 12, 2010

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Shepherd Book comic book - Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale hardcover graphic novelSerenity: The Shepherd’s Tale is finally coming to the light of day. We are finally going to figure out the back story of Shepherd Book from Joss Whedon’s Firefly.

Back in mid-2008 I came across news that a Shepherd Book comic book was coming to the masses. Now the news is becoming a reality!

Shepherd Book is the enigma of the Firefly western science fiction television series. He always had wisdom when needed, and yet he seemed to have wisdom from sources other than from “the book” of god!

The biggest teaser that was never answered was the quote from Jubal Early, a bounty hunter, who seemed to know Shepherd Book from another time when he said “that ain’t no shepherd.”

Finally, after how many years, we going to learn more about Derrial “Shepherd” Book? This is like the holy grail of Firefly, no pun intended! We finally get to understand where his martial arts skills may have come from and why he had pull with the Alliance or knew his way around Serenity. Here were the clues about Shepherd Book that were out in the “wild” for quite some time:

  • Shepherd took the name of a man he killed;
  • Shepherd is known for his greatest failure;
  • A part of Shepherd is artificial and
  • Shepherd found God in a bowl.

That’s good stuff and I’m betting most of you knew that, but reviews can be good just in case someone didn’t know that.

Some other bits about the Shepherd Book graphic novel (or Shepherd Book comic book for the classic comic fan) is that Joss Whedon had this outline of a backstory on Book for quite a few years and he just needed the right writer to bring it to fruition. Zack Whedon had been pretty busy of late, but the timing is working out for a release later this year.

The backstory will of course, bring some new characters and settings from the time before the Firefly season. They are enjoying the idea of inserting little bits that will hint at the series and the movie.

And that’s really all the clues we get for now!

Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale hardcover graphic novel will be in stores in November, 2010. It’s written by Joss Whedon and Zack Whedon and illustrated by Chris Samnee.

There are many more details about different details on the project and some other Whedon related comics at the source and I recommend headed over there! This is all great news and I’m pretty excited to tell you folks about it!

BTW: There’s a full blown huge a** sized file of the Shepherd Book image I’ve included at the front of this article.


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