Firefly Premieres This Sunday on Science

by on March 4, 2011

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Firefly on Science Channel

This Sunday, March 6th, Joss Whedon‘s Firefly will be premiering on the Science Channel. For those of you who have not ever seen the show, and yes, I’m betting there are plenty out there who haven’t, you are in for a great treat… if you get Science.

Of course what’s amazing is that there repeat viewers that will probably tune in too! I always find myself watching

In regards to the ferver that erupted about folks wanting Nathan Fillion to buy the rights to Firefly, I know we’d all love to see that happen, but realistically speaking, do you really think that 20th Century Fox would actually sell the rights to a guaranteed seller that they can keep pitching over and over? I’m just saying. Then again, if someone offered them $300 million for a $20-$30 million rights package, who knows!

Anyway, Science Channel also set up a checkin on GetGlue so you can visit and let the world know you like it!

Check out these Firefly preview clips, provided to me, via Science Channel’s press distributor. Thanks Kate!!!

Firefly store on AMAZON

[Science Channel Press]

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